'I Love Mummy' T-Shirt £2 @ M&S

tshirt1 Hey...did you know it's Mother's Day on Sunday...?!

I couldn't resist this little t-shirt from Marks and Sparks - it's just TOO cute! Mums and mums-to-be....you can click away actually, there's nothing to see here, why not go and read some of the reviews or features; you don't need to worry about this post.

OK, now dads-in-waiting listen up - just because your mini-me is still on the inside doesn't mean you can't get them one of these now and YES, give it to the mother of the said mini-me FROM the mini-me....trust me, she'll melt and go all gooey....and perhaps be on stand-by with a tissue or two for her as well (emotions can catch you at funny moments like this....believe me, I know!)

Dads-already...listen up!  Buy one of these t-shirts for your child to wear when they help you deliver breakfast in bed and gifts to the most important woman in your lives; you WERE going to do that right?!  Excellent, sounds like you've got it all sorted.

tshirt2This t-shirt is currently in stock in all sizes; at this price if you like it lots then maybe plan ahead and get more than one size - I so did this with lots of my kids clothes, it looked like they wore the same thing for years HAHA!

To guarantee delivery for either Friday or Saturday you're going to have to nominate one of those delivery days and pay £4.95 OR you can order online now and arrange to collect at a store.

Thanks to haylhoo over at HUKD!


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