FREE Organix Goodies With Your Grocery Delivery (using code) @ Sainsbury's

23 September 2015

free organix pm

If you get your grocery shopping from Sainsbury's then here is a great little freebie for you. You can get a free Organix Goodies item when you use the code FREERNX6 at the checkout.

The items you can choose from are single packs of Carrot Stix, Cheese Crackers, Cheese Puffs, Mini Gingerbread Men, Noughts and Crosses, Apple and Strawberry Fruit Gummies, Raspberry and Apple Fruit Moos, or Raspberry and Apple Soft Oaty Bars.

Here's the terms of the offer just for information: "26,000 free Goodies singles packs to be claimed. Offer available until 6.10.15 or until 26,000 free Goodies single packs have been redeemed, whichever occurs sooner. Not valid in conjunction with any offer. Deliveries must be completed by 6.10.15. Subject to availability, while stocks last."

My toddler use to love these organix goodies snacks, and things like the puffs and crackers make great finger food snacks then you are out and about. Watch out for those Carrot Stix though, they make such a mess!

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