The Fawn Baby Teether £5.95/£8.90 Delivered @ Winstanleys Pramworld

The Fawn Baby Teether £5.95/£8.90 Delivered @ Winstanleys Pramworld

Teething FawnStep aside Sofie Giraffe, there's a new teether in town, and it is certainly cuter than the ever popular giraffe. The Fawn is £5.95, with a £2.95 delivery fee, making it £8.90 delivered. Clearly Amazon's wacky pricing structure, but the same thing is currently £84 on Amazon, and it doesn't seem to be available anywhere else in the UK. You do seem to need to be logged in for it to show as in stock - if you're not it will tell you it's out of stock.

The Lela Baby Teether is a natural rubber teether for little ones. It's free from Azo-dyes, nitrosamines, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. It also weighs just 6 grams, so is super light for a baby to hold on to.

The reviews for this on are plentiful, with the majority of people loving it, but as is always the case, some not so much. People say that it has a strong rubber smell - it is natural rubber after all, so no surprises there - which dissipates over time. It's painted with food grade paint, and has a rougher finish, rather that smooth - again, I'm pretty sure something to do with being natural rubber, since our natural rubber bath toys are the same.

Overall, it seems to be a nice alternative to the overly pricey Sofie Giraffe though, and I think it's much cuter!

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