Bambino Mio New Baby Reusable Nappy Set £30 @ Mothercare

Bambino Mio New Baby Reusable Nappy Set £30 @ Mothercare

If you're in the market for new baby reusable nappies then pop over to Mothercare and have a look at their Bambino Mio New Baby Reusable Nappy set - the usual retail price is £99.99, you can pick it up, at the moment, for £30.

I loved the idea of reusable nappies when I was pregnant with my youngest and did a TON of investigating and research into the various brands; the thing that struck me is how expensive it was, initially, to get set up with everything you'd need.

I thoroughly enjoyed looking at my piles of white fluffy nappies, with their funky liners next to them, all washed, folded and ready for action.  AND, I have to confess, I felt rather 'mother earth' and righteous in doing my bit for the planet.

Included in this Bambino Mio New Baby Nappy Set are: 18 nappies, four newborn covers, three  small covers, 100 liners and a 100g sachet of miofresh cleanser - you're bound to need a few more covers but at least you'll already have a financial head start if you take advantage of this deal.

You can pay for home delivery (£4.95) or you can arrange to collect your Bambino Mio nappies for free in-store.

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