Baby Sleeping Bags BOGOF Deals @ Mothercare

Baby Sleeping Bags BOGOF Deals @ Mothercare

This very time last year Mothercare had some BOGOF deals on baby sleeping bags, they're running the same offer again this year; hurrah!

As far as I'm concerned, baby sleeping bags are a MUST HAVE baby item - they are such a genius invention and have saved me many hours of missed sleep (does that make sense?) due to not having to keep tucking blankets back in.

In fact my love for baby sleeping bags could, now, be borderline fanaticism.  You see, my eldest children were both born in November and whilst my son slept as still as a statue, his sister was a fidget pants.  Honestly, that child could not (and still can't) stay still for more than two minutes and I was forever up and down during those cold winter nights covering her back up again.

My youngest was born in July and come the winter I was armed with an arsenal of various baby sleeping bags for him and ohhh the joy!

No more tucking in blankets thousands of times a night, changing nappies in the middle of the night was a piece of cake – a quick un-popper of the baby sleeping bag at the business end leaving the top half of baby still snuggly and warm; marvellous.

Prices start at £22.99 and go right up to £39.99.


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