Baby Freebies @ Aptamil Baby Club

If you're a new or expectant mum then the Aptamil Baby Club has some lovely baby freebies for you. Joining the club takes only a few easy steps and then you're eligible for some fabulous gifts and goodies.

You get free ABC guides to your pregnancy and the best nutrition for your baby as well as expert advice for every stage of your pregnancy. The information is really good for mums who want to know exactly what to expect as they grow their bumps.

Not only that but you will also get an adorable free huggable polar bear when you register for the first time. I love this guy. I got him for my little girl and he's a firm favourite for night time cuddles.

The site has loads of information for parents including subjects like how to handle returning to work, staying home with the baby and information on organising a babysitter. All very hot topics when you're facing parenthood for the first time.

It is well worth visiting if you're looking for sensible and expert advice on raising and having a baby. And the free stuff is a bonus too... Baby

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