Little Angels Christmas Elf Nappies On Sale 5th November @ Asda

12 November 2015
Elf Nappies from Asda

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Oh my word, cuteness overload!! You can't get much more festive than these adorable nappies from Asda. The Little Angels 'Supreme Protection' nappies have had a Christmas makeover and now feature an adorable elf design on them!

The Little Angels nappies are priced at £4 a pack and come in several sizes. They are available from the 5th November in Asda stores and online shortly after.

If you're thinking of making Christmas cards or sending pictures to grandparents just think how cute your little bubba would look in one of these elf nappies with a Santa hat, adorable! If my little one was still in nappies I would definitely be buying them purely for the novelty factor! My very own Buddy the Elf! :-)

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  • SueShields
    Has anyone managed to find these yet? I have looked in several stores and also online but cannot find then.
    • admin

      Hi Sue, I've spoken to Asda who have said they definitely went into stores on November the 5th. I'll update you if I hear any more info.

    • admin

      Another reply Sue, they've said yes went into stores on the 5th and are being added online "as we speak" so yeah should be soon!

    • nadz

      I bought lots yesterday in the Asda Wembley store

  • Junek265

    I've checked again tonight and my Asda store in Hamilton doesn't have them on the shelves

  • nadz

    I got theses nappies yesterday £1 a pack

    • Pamela

      what size are the £1 a pack ones

      • admin

        Hi Pamela :) We spotted 4's and 5's mentioned on Facebook but there could be more! 

    • admin

      Well done nadz, such a bargain! What size did you get? (May help Pamela)

  • Fran

    are these still in store for a pound a pack was gona grab one tomorrow 

    • admin

      I think it's just a case of checking your local and seeing what they have Fran. I imagine at £1 they'd be selling pretty quick though! 

  • nag

    Hi I got 12 packs today size 4 @1 pound each cant go wrong.   

    • admin

      Awesome! Thanks very much for letting everyone know they're still out there! 

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