Aldi Baby & Toddler Event In Store From Today!

17 August 2017
Aldi Baby & Toddler Event Now On!

The Aldi Baby & Toddler Event is now on! There's those baby essentials to save on like Nappies and Wipes as well as one off bigger purchases too. The good stuff sells fast and as always Aldi offers FREE delivery on most items in this event.

Here are our top picks:

As these Baby and Toddler Specialbuys aren't out in store until Thursday 17th August, you won't receive your online order until then.

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  • Kim R.

    best nappies ever from here!! X

    • Karen J.

      That's where I've bought mine from :grin: I'm taking all my freebie ones to hospital and then I've got the aldi ones in a couple of sizes for when we get home. X

  • Amy J.

    Had a quick nose this morn x

  • Laurie L.

    I'll be off to Aldi later then lol x

  • Carla L.

    I need to go today! Thank you x

  • Susan D.

    Oh will have to have a look. Went to Tesco one last night xx

  • Annmarie F.

    aww, did you get anything? Xx

  • Sarah L.

    Didn't even know they deliver is a chore for me to go all way to ALDI just for nappies. Brilliant

  • Carla M.

    Ohhh !! Am away to have a look lol xx

  • Lindsay R.

    lots of good wee bits, even things to put away for when he's a wee bit bigger xx

  • Kylie J.

    Thats good! Thank you - il have a look at this now xx

  • Annmarie F.

    well it all adds up in the end xx

  • Jamie-Lee B.

    I don't have babies anymore :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

  • Ashleigh K.

    I bought a few packs the other day coz they were down to 1.09 brilliant :slight_smile: xx

  • Jamie-Lee B.

    I did haha somehow I suddenly can't afford to stock anymore haha where is my money going !!?? Xx

  • Kirsty F.

    He's brainwashed me im like ooh new blankets :joy: no more! I want a few bits that are in-store only too. Will be needing an aldi visit after the 17ty!

  • Natalie E.

    Oooh good, running low on wipes xx

  • Steph M.

    Thanks! Pity the pullups only start at size 5. They are much easier once your baby doesn't want to keep still aren't they! I will go in a d get some once it comes on in store xxx

  • Christine S.

    Yea it's only for the special buys tho not your shopping, annoying xx

  • Gemma B.

    Ooo I'll be going getting some haha bargain that x

  • Sarah S.

    I thought it weren't on til next week might bob in at weekend x

  • Kate T.

    Just came from there, got nothing in !

  • Emma S.

    They have a few bits that are online and free delivery! Gonna order some nappies and some wipes! Looking at the Muslin cloths as well! :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Dan M.

    U wanna get some ordered? xxxx

  • Amie W.

    There's a few things maybe. Will have a look tonight xxxx

  • Vikki T.

    It starts on the 17th. Its pre order online today x

  • Kate T.

    Just brought from the shop :unamused::unamused: il have a look online as well tho x

  • Nikki C.

    Thank I'll jump over babe we're is the closest one xx

  • Zoe W.

    We will be on it!! :thumbsup_tone1: thanks! Xxx

  • Sarah H.

    I thought it started on17th! Xx

  • Sophie T.

    :open_mouth:I thought this was next week! I'll go after work. Thanks Hun xxx

  • Melissa S.

    Defo getting a wee look :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Steph C.

    Ooo good to know!! I'll have a look :blush: x

  • Georgia G.

    I have so many nappies and wipes already but will definitely be popping in to Aldi over the weekend!

  • Kirsty O.

    Dame it won't let me order says there is as a problem

  • Toni W.

    Thank you, I'll pop in today :kissing_heart:

  • Hannah K.

    Aldi baby event got loads

  • Natalie L.

    I was going to use these one.. maybe have to have a trip there and have a look xx

  • Kayleigh G.

    I'll be making a trip :blush:xxx

  • Roxanne M.

    Thanks, just ordered some nappies!

  • Charlene N.

    I tried to purchase some items but can't as I live in N Ireland & They only deliver to mainland UK :frowning2:

  • Robyn S.

    I forgot that was today! I'm stuck at work till half 7 everything good going to be gone :thumbsdown_tone1:

  • Hayley F.

    Thanks Hunnie we have been buying these one as been recommended them thank you :kissing_heart: xxx

  • Kirsty M.

    When is this baby event? Says online starts 17th??

  • Ellen R.

    The aldi ones are the one I use! :blush: x

  • Kimberley R.

    Im goin in a min to get some xx

  • Kirsty Z.

    Where's our nearest Aldi? Xx

  • Katherine W.

    These are right bargain lass xxx

  • Rebekah T.

    Oh is the baby event on!!

  • Lyndsey S.

    Nice one Nat, we only use them nappies as well, best go stock up!

  • Natalie C.

    You can get them delivered too apparently, when are you free next week? I got prezzies :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: xx

  • Sam R.

    Haha thanks for the tag I mite need them sooner rather then later been midwife today xx

  • Lyndsey S.

    Only 15th I think I'm not about, free ever other day :grinning: xx

  • Pamela M.

    Everyone keeps saying I should get these nappies but not sure what size to get. Plus not sure if I'll get lots at baby shower :thinking:

  • Natalie C.

    Aww wicked I'll check what day I can come up and give you a txt xx

  • Chelsea W.

    I saw this! Gonna take a browse xx

  • Katherine W.

    I'll defo get some, want to try their formula too :two_hearts: xxx

  • Clare H.

    I didnt even go on it cuz x i just saw baby event :joy::joy::joy:

  • Samantha P.

    Im gonna go in morning xx

  • Laura H.

    Thanks hun will have a look xx

  • Rachel M.

    My mums going down this morning! :relaxed::smile::thumbsup_tone1: xx

  • Daisy B.

    :raised_hands_tone2::raised_hands_tone2::raised_hands_tone2: cheers babes xxx

  • Leanne E.

    Thanks Hun! I've preordered a load of stuff online :see_no_evil: but still going to head in for a mooch! X

  • Charlie K.

    Tesco have a 6 pack of tommee tippee bottles for £10 at the moment

  • Kim N.

    That's my day sorted then! Thank you! X

  • Becky L.

    Is it just me but I've been to 3 stores and non of them do the boxes of wipes anymore ?

    • Sarah S.

      Think they only do them for baby event :-(

    • Kate M.

      They only do the 12 boxes during events.

  • Anna R.

    Yup we're going this morn!! :thumbsup:

  • April M.

    I forgot about this. Will head there this morning

  • Nicola Y.

    Done. I pre ordered my stuff last week :heart_eyes: xx

  • Charlotte B.

    Boxes of 12 wipes are always good. And the toys/books to put up for chrishmas

  • Vicki C.

    lol Iv ordered one of the sleep pod things they look good x

  • Kelly B.

    The nappies are fab, I've always used them and never had a problem x

  • Lili K.

    We're going anyway. Yayy xxx

  • Kirsty M.

    Forgot about that thanx lol xx

  • Leanne S.

    On my way for the car mirror!! :grinning:

  • Laura L.

    Cheers going today to have a look xx

  • Emily C.

    :thumbsup_tone2::thumbsup_tone2::thumbsup_tone2: great thank u xxx

  • Beverley W.

    Already been :joy: was there at 8.30 this morning :joy:

  • Carly H.

    We're going to Aldi today :tada::tada:

  • Stacy R.

    Oooo am going to Aldi today lol xxx

  • Hannah B.

    This is exciting, I love aldi :grin:

  • Amelia B.

    Oh I got one now thank you! They have those changing pads tho, so might pop and get some more of those tomorrow xxx

  • Louise D.

    Ooh good timing we're on our way there now x

  • Lindsey R.

    Oooh will definitely have a look cheers chick xx

  • Beth T.

    Ohh I'll definitely have to pop in :smiley: going through wipes and nappies like they are going out of fashion :see_no_evil:x

  • Kayleigh L.

    Argh need to get to one x

  • Sam R.

    Went this morning :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: xxx

  • Lauren C.

    Baby events everywhere :thumbsup_tone2:

  • Lauren C.

    Morrisons have one too :joy:

  • Natasha H.

    Thanks I'll take a look, Sainsbury's has the 25% off clothing too at the moment :thumbsup:

  • Jenna B.

    Will be down tomorrow! Thanks :blush: xx

  • Hayley G.

    This is me lol got to love aldi baby event x

  • Charlotte P.

    They've already dispatched the nappies I ordered :sunglasses: xxx

  • Lauren W.

    i darent look!! :see_no_evil::joy: X

  • Colette H.

    I got her a denim skirt too cute xx

  • Stacey-Jane M.

    All my aldi bits arrived btw.. the unicorn blankets lush :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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