Aldi Baby Event Coming Soon!

15 August 2016
Aldi Baby Event Coming Soon!

The Baby Events are popping up all over the place, with the Morrisons* one starting today, and the Asda one due very soon, but we have also had confirmation of the dates for the Aldi Baby Event as well!

The Aldi Baby event will be in stores from Thursday 22nd September, so the online ordering should start a week earlier, around the 15th September.

The Aldi Baby Event may not be able to match the Asda one in size, but what they do have are usually the lowest prices of all the supermarkets.

If you want to see the sort of items that will be on sale and the super prices then take a look here at the previous Aldi Baby Event, as there's likely to be more of the same this time.

The best way to get your bargains is to order online, and hopefully they will still have their Free Delivery offer running then too.

We will keep an eye out for more details on what items will be in the Baby Event and will let you know as soon as we have more. Watch this space!

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  • Kelly L.

    check out the baby events some offer some massive bargains X

  • Victoria P.

    22nd September keep the date free! Xxx

  • Tasmin A.

    Does anyone know what's in it yet? :blush:

  • Leanne D.

    Yay this is the one I been waiting for lol x

  • Sarah C.

    our favourite time at aldi!! Lol xx

    • Charlotte F.

      Yay haha!! Iv been needing one of these!! X

    • Sarah C.

      I want to stock up on wipes x

  • Suzanne W.

    Thanks Hun, shall pop it in my diary! :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Cara B.

    nappy and wipe stock up date :joy: X

  • Kelly R.

    Thank goodness for that!!! Xxx

  • Loz B.

    Thankyou xxx

  • Lauren M.

    time to stock up of wipes and nappies!! Xxx

  • Elizabeth P.

    Thanks :)

  • Ellen K.

    Thanks lady xxx

  • Beth C.

    There wipes are the best :punch::punch::punch:

  • Hannah E.

    Great I need nappies and wipes !!

  • Kerry P.

    and might be worth a look xxx

    • Andrew M.

      We don't have aldi here :cry::cry:

    • Neil D.

      Ohhhh will have to look :heart_eyes::blue_heart::heart_eyes: xx

  • Kara C.

    One that sleeps would be nice x

  • Louise M.

    Omg that's ages away!! Just had to buy asda wipes lol x

  • Cadey R.

    stock up... It's real cheap when it's on for nappies and wipes x

    • Ruth L.

      Why thank you x

  • Katie D.

    Yass been waiting for this :joy:

  • Carley G.

    Yah!! !! I'm out of wipes!

  • Kim H.

    Woohoo bout time

  • Charmaine D.

    Do we know the actual date it starts in the shops

    • Natalie W.

      I was told 22nd sept when I asked Aldi?

  • Joanne B.

    will be time to stock up on nappies & wipes in September! Xx

  • Becca F.

    could look for a highchair xx

  • Lauren S.

    Just been Aldi...would of gone Morrisons if I knew it started todau xx

  • Louise C.

    Thanks love!

  • Carla W.

    Hooray! Bloody love the Aldi baby event, I get very excited :joy: xx

  • Rebecca'Jean D.

    Thank you hun xx

  • Katie W.

    Yippee! Love aldi and baby sales!

  • Jo C.

    Thanks x

  • Kirsty F.

    Thanks x

  • Shona H.

    Always good for a bargain! Muslins calpol are on my list for this one! Xxx

  • Leanne S.

    Ta x

  • Anna C.

    Oooooooooh :)

  • Laura C.

    Ooo :grin:

  • Emma C.

    I knowwww we love it haha xx

  • Lauren W.

    another one for diary lol x

    • Colette H.

      We're going to be busy girls xx

    • Lauren W.

      we are going to be skint girls :see_no_evil: lol x

  • Maria L.

    Yeah always need wipes and nappies! Cx

  • Jenna B.

    stock up for weaning! :grin: xx

    • Erin P.

      Was just saying that the other night.. Wondered when it was on again, happy days x

    • Samantha M.

      I've never seen the aldi baby events , Are they good ? Don't actually know where any Aldi's are either :joy: Xx

  • Claire A.

    Fab xx

  • Victoria J.

    Morrisons started today Iv just seen xxx

  • Ali H.

    bargains maybe?? X

  • Charlotte H.


  • Hannah C.

    In my diary :thumbsup_tone2:

  • Nicole M.

    Oooh thank you :grin:

  • Amy W.

    Love it, thanks hunny xxx

  • Lauren P.

    Thank you xxx

  • Kerry C.

    Love a wee baby event so I do :heart_eyes: xx

  • Toria C.


  • Zoe P.

    Ooooh fab X sept X just in time to stock up on nappies ha ha x

  • Kate W.

    the baby event is on soon! X

    • Emma W.

      Aww brill thankyou xxx

  • Helen M.

    Instead of running baby events can you please put seat belts in your trollies! Disaster waiting to happen! I've spoken to numerous of your staff about it and nothing changes!

    • Deanna W.

      Although i agree, this isnt an aldi page

  • Ronell M.

    Love Aldi. Cheers :)

  • Sam O.

    Yay!! Thank you, saw this last night, time to stock up on nappy bags! ;) xx

  • Hayley J.

    Thanks Hun xx

  • Sarah K.

    Thank goodness! I am desperate for wipes!!

  • Gayle L.

    this is a good one x

  • Sharon S.

    You can order online x

  • Andrea D.

    Yeah I ordered school stuff for Lacey from aldi il be nosey on 15th at stuff xx

  • Sharon S.

    Thanks x

  • Zoe T.

    we all need wipes xxx

    • Natalie K.

      Thank goodness! :joy: xx

  • Chantelle A.

    Yey at last :blush::blush:

  • Clare C.

    cute bedroom pic n mobile from mamas and papas!! Footmuff is something else to look out for too :wink:

    • Mary S.

      Great ta...will have a look xx

  • Anna C.

    aldi baby wipes and nappies are really good better than pampers I think! Xx

    • Nicola S.

      I've heard such mixed reviews about these. We shop in Aldi alot (off there today) but she's guna start off a pampers baby :) xx

    • Anna C.

      Honestly I was a total pampers snob with Joe Haha but I tried these with Sam and I really prefer them, half the price! Worth a try xx

    • Gemma C.

      Nappies are amazing used them for my 5 year old and meant to still be the same but heard the wipes have changed ingredients and getting bad review

  • Kari-Ann D.

    Dont like aldis wipes.i find them dry much prefer asdas.

  • Cassie G.

    Aldi always have some bargains, usually Tommee Tippee bottles xx

    • Danni N.

      Oooh thanks Hun. I'll take a peek xxx

  • Georgie E.

    !! The news you've been desperate to hear :joy:

  • Elise E.

    nappies and baby wipes are good from aldi xx

  • Heather M.

    Thank you :grinning:

  • Claire K.

    Yay my fave :speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

  • Ellie D.

    Thank you xx :kissing_heart:

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