101 Things To Do With The Kids Before They Grow Up

27 September 2012

This is it, the final pages of the longest feature series I’ve ever written for PlayPennies, and I still have so many ideas. There is no end to what we can all do with our children before they get too old to appreciate it, or stop seeing their parents as the coolest things in the world. And here, without further ado, are the final 20…

81. Do something exciting on a river. This can be learning how to canoe, riding the rapids on an inner tube, or simply sitting on a boat and slipping past gorgeous scenery. What a way to spend a day!

82. Turn of the technology for two whole days and do not succumb to its siren call at all. No mobile phones, tablets, TVs, radios or anything of that nature. Just each other, some paper and some toys, and plenty of time to relax.

83. Drive somewhere new and stop worrying about where you are, just end up somewhere and enjoy the ride.

84. Tell them about the day they were born, about the moments that made that day so incredibly special for you. It will make you both smile and feel special.

85. Learn how to make a Christmas cake together and make it a family project to feed it the brandy and ice it and eat it. Yum.

86. While still going with the Christmas spirit, why not abandon the season of spending money on gifts and instead do a Christmas where everything is home made? You can spend a lot of time together creating cards and gifts and all will be remembered for the care and love.

87. If you can, if it is possible, keep a chicken. Let your children take some responsibility for it and all share in the eggs and fun. And it is fun, trust me!

88. Follow the guide from The National Trust on 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾. I did it with my daughter and I pretended I was younger for the ones that I hadn’t already done. It’s ever so much fun.

89. Get the book 500 Things To Do With Your Children Before They Grow Up by Linda Williams And Corey McKenzie. It’s on special on Amazon and their ideas are great.

90. Create the ultimate Halloween Haunted House at home together, invite your friends and scream your way through it with utter abandon. HOW much fun is that? If you don’t want to do it at home, go out somewhere that has a special Halloween thing going and take advantage of it in the same crazy way.

91. Make your own parenting “bucket list” that isn’t so much about death of a person, but things you want to do before they leave home. Ask your kids to create their own and then go about trying to make each other’s dreams come true, no matter how daft. Although you may want to set a budget…

92. Take a road trip somewhere one summer. It can be in the UK, along Route 66, across France, anywhere you like. Just take a road trip and spend two long weeks on the road with each other. Make sure you get loads of photos!

93. Have a BBQ on the beach. It’s just too much fun to be legal.

94. Go crabbing with the kids and love every lovely minute of it. If that doesn’t make you feel young again, nothing will!

95. Teach your children the values of healthy food and healthy eating and what constitutes good food and good eating. Too many people grow up thinking cake is a food group.

96. Likewise teach them the value of exercise and being outdoors and using your body to jump, run, and be free. Exercise is so good for health, mood and life.

97. Get dressed up in your finest outfits, order your favourite take out, and dine at home like the Queen. Yes, in a tuxedo, a ball gown, a fancy dress – something dashing.

98. Hold a dinner party for friends and their kids somewhere utterly insane and unexpected. Once I had dinner on a traffic island while dressed in gorgeous, glittering attire. A night I’ll never forget. Make one of your own.

99. Stop. Breathe. Listen to your children.

100. Create a Pinterest board with everything you want to do with your child that you have discovered on the interwebz and use it as a source of inspiration.

101. Make a book from you – one for each child – that gives them reasons why you love them. Name the book the number of reasons i.e. 67 reasons I love you, get it printed out and made beautiful with a photo printer, and give it to them for their birthday, for Christmas, or just for fun.

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