White Hot Inflatable Duck Bath £7.95 @ Amazon

I've written about this inflatable duck bath once before - I thought it was a great product then, and I still think it's a great product now!  Amazon are selling it for £7.95, rather than £13.99.

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I think this inflatable duck bath is just super cute - he's fun and friendly to look at and his beak goes 'Quack! Quack!' when you squeeze it. It's small and contained - so you'll save yourself a fortune in water bills! - and has a quick release plug for letting the water out when you're finished.

Your inflatable duck bath also has a textured base to prevent slipping and has a White Hot ™ Safety Disc which reveals the word "HOT" when the bath water is too hot.

We had such a tough time with my youngest son and baths, a few years ago - he just hated every single second of it and would scream, sometimes until he was sick; it was just awful.  We never got to the bottom of what triggered off this bath-time loathing (and he's fine with baths now), but maybe this inflatable duck bath would have helped.  Who knows, but if you have a bath phobic child, it's going to be worth a go.

Free SuperSaver Amazon delivery, bla bla, or you can pay a little bit extra and have it delivered faster, bla bla.

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