3D Bubble Baths £3 @ Tesco

3D Bubble Baths £3 @ Tesco

Tesco has reduced a number of their 3D bubble baths down to half their original price making them a fab buy for bath time fun. The original price was £6 and now each 3D bubble bath is only £3 and you can arrange to collect them instore.

The various 3D bubble baths on offer include Peppa Pig, Hello Kitty, Disney Cars and plenty more. You can also get things like the Tinkerbells Woodland Bath Wonders for £3 instead of £6, Princess Bath and Beauty Treasures for the same price, and the Matey Bubble Bath set.

And if you fancy getting something for yourself, you can always nab the Floral Secrets Bathing Collection which has also been reduced from £6 to £3. In short, there are a bunch of discounted bubble baths and toys available online at Tesco right now so you can stock up on plenty of lovely goodies for home and parties at half their original prices.

Thanks to lucerysmum at HUKD!


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