Tefal Wikook Fast Cooker £35 @ Amazon

19 January 2011


This is a fantastic deal for the chefs out there, or those parents who like to throw things in a pot and leave it alone for a while to see what happens. The Tefal Wikook Fast Cooker on Amazon has been marked down from £99.99 to an extremely tasty £35 – an ace saving of £64.99.

The Tefal Wikook Fast Cooker heats food up to 25% faster than traditional cooking pots, saving you up to 25% on your energy usage and, hopefully, your costs.

The Wikook locks in the heat to accelerate cooking and, by dint of this fast heating process, holds more of the nutrients and minerals in your food. And this delivers tasty and healthy meals to your table.

The base is made from thick aluminium and the interior is non-stick to make cleaning that little bit less annoying. It has a capacity of four litres and can cook pasta, fish, meat, rice, soups, and desserts! Although am not sure what desserts you’d make in a fast cooker?

Thanks to rustygecko at HUKD!

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  • PAT N.
    Why don't you update your website. This item is now £99 and not £35!!!!!!!
  • Emma K.
    Pat, we're a blog - we simply post new deals in reverse chronological order. We don't go back and check very single deal to see if it has changed in price. Thanks for letting us know, marking as expired.

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