Solid Pine Double Bed £82.95 @ Sainsburys Online

Fbed If you’re on the hunt for a bargain priced double bed then look no further than this fabulous sale set from Sainsburys. The price of £82.95 includes the price of delivery and you can also look at getting the kingsize version for £99. 

The bed is crafted from sustainably sourced wood and is designed in a neatly classic style that will suit most spare rooms or master bedrooms. The slats are made from birch but the rest of the bed is in stained pine at a lush mellow brown.

You will have to build this chap all by your lonesome, but it shouldn’t be too hard and could be an evening of enormous fun with the two of you. I rather like this set, especially for such an extraordinarily low price. 

The mattress is, of course, not included but you’d want to get that separately anyway. So, if you’re in the market for a good and cost effective bed then here you go... 

Thanks to alexandercooper at HUKD!

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