Save 5p On Your Fuel @ Sainsbury’s


Obviously it’s not 5p in total, but the heading was too good an opportunity to miss. This deal is all about saving 5p per litre of fuel when filling up your car at Sainsbury’s. To be eligible for the deal you have to spend £50 or more instore or online at this selfsame retailer. 

There are, of course, tons of terms and conditions that you need to be aware of before you gallop on over to the nearest petrol station with the Sainsbury’s logo hanging off the side. First, one till receipt fuel voucher is issue per single qualifying store or online grocery transaction. This does not include delivery charges and is only considered after any discounts have been applied.

So make sure that your total shop, including discount vouchers, is over £50 ok? This is only available from 24 February to 09 March 2010 and excludes the Sainsbury’s in Calais. Snort.

Each voucher is valid for 14 days, including the day it was issued, and the maximum amount is 100 litres per transaction. That last condition had me crying with laughter. Are there people pulling up with fuel storage cartons by the bucketload? There are plenty of other Ts & Cs but they’re there for the reading whenever you get the chance. Happy refuelling! 

Thanks to nicster08 at HUKD!

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  • Ross
    If you want to save £2.50 everytime you spend £50 in Sainsburys.. drop me an email to find out how *****
  • Emma K.
    Ross, I've removed your email address from the public display. If you have useful money-saving information to share, why not post it for all to see please?

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