PlayPennies Exclusive: 25% Voucher Code Discount @ Direct Sight

PlayPennies Exclusive: 25% Voucher Code Discount @ Direct Sight

How would you like to save 25% on any order you make at Direct Sight? Nifty yes? You can sort out your prescription glasses, get new frames, add to your glasses collection, grab a pair of ace sunglasses – whatever you fancy, they all get a 25% voucher code discount thanks to this PlayPennies Exclusive.

Click here to get discounted with Direct Sight*

  • Discount: 25% Off
  •  Promotional code: LOVEQUIDCO
  •  Valid: Enter the code at checkout. Valid on any order

The site caters to a wide variety of prescriptions and can provide varifocal, singlevision and bifocal lenses. They have an extensive collection of frame styles in a choice of colours, shapes and materials and they have prices that will make a huge difference to pennywise parents.

The discount applies to any order in their range of prescription glasses and sunglasses so get in there and get your vision sorted out with our awesome Direct Sight voucher code that is exclusive to the wonderful world of PlayPennies.


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