Parents Freebie: Free Eaga ShowerSmart

Parents Freebie: Free Eaga ShowerSmart


The Eaga ShowerSmart is all about saving you money AND saving the planet. Its nifty, its clever and...It’s free! Wahey! So, you will have to fill in a short form to discover if you are eligible for this fabulous freebie and then you can enjoy all the benefits of this great product.

The device is easy to install without a plumber and works by regulating your shower’s flow rate, saving water and the energy used to heat the water. It’s great for your pocket and the environment.

You can save up to £900 over the product’s lifetime (they don’t say how long that is but there is a meaningful * next to it), save up to 21,000 litres of water every year and cut carbon emissions by one tonne of C02 over the product’s lifetime.

So, get yourself one of these fantabulous devices and save yourself some yummy scrummy money to spend on fun things like presents, parties and holidays!

P.S. The image is not of the product, just in case it terrified you. That just amused me.


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