Parents Freebie: Carte Noir Instinct Wholebean Instant Coffee

Carte Noir are once again giving away free samples of their scrummy instant coffee to anyone who visits their Facebook page. It’s very easy to get your tasty coffee delivered to your front door and it really is one of the better brands of instant coffee.

The new Carte Noir Instinct is their first wholebean instant coffee that blends the qualities of roasted coffee beans with the silky flavours of instant coffee. I doubt that I will ever find a brand of instant coffee that tastes nice, but I am extremely fussy about my coffee. However, those of you who like a nice cup of easy instant should really appreciate a freebie from this premium brand.

To get your free taste of instant Carte Noir coffee just click on the Request a sample link on their Facebook page and follow the onscreen directions. It can take up to 28 days for the sample to arrive.

Thanks to TallerPaul at HUKD!


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