Mums Freebie: Free Scented Moths @ Total Wardrobe Care

Mums Freebie: Free Scented Moths @ Total Wardrobe Care

Now this freebie I LOVE. Love, love, love. When you visit the site, Total Wardrobe Care, a pop-up will appear. Don’t close it! That is your window (sorry!) to a set of four free sample moths to spice up your wardrobe and knitwear.

The pop-up window will ask you for some basic details like your name, postal address and email address but there is no marketing opt out so beware, you may get emails for years after this freebie. However, these scented moths are so adorable I am prepared to take the spam.

The four free moths are scented with May Chang, their signature fragrance. The scents of lavender, cedarwood, patchouli, laurel, rosemary, clove and thyme will delicately enhance the smell of your knitwear thanks to these little free dudes.

They are created with a combination of essential oils that moths hate but we love and so these little anti-moth moths are a totally brilliant freebie that get my hearty thumbs up. If you order yours, do let me know what you think!


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