Laundry Products: 2 for £6 @ Asda

16 July 2010

laundry Whenever I come across deals like this 2 for £6 offer on laundry products at Asda, any loyalty I might have had to another supermarket vanishes in a puff of smoke!

I have a real love-hate relationship with doing the laundry. I usually do it over the weekends and there are rules that The Teenagers must follow (which they kind of do...when they remember).

1) strip your beds and bring all your washing down when you get home from school on a Friday

2) empty all your pockets (I've lost count how many sweet wrappers I've washed over the years)

3) pull your sleeves and trouser legs out so there isn't one 'in' and one 'out'

4) don't put clean stuff back in the wash because you threw it on the floor last week and can't be bothered to put it away

Always the optimist, I live in hope every week! But regardless of whether or not they do all, or some, of the above I still have a TON of washing to do every week so whenever there are deals like the current 2 for £6 offer on laundry products at Asda, I make sure I stock up!

And the BEST news? This offer is running until the END OF THE YEAR!

Happy Washing Days.

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  • saf
    Just to let everyone know that u should still check the size of the packet and its offer price. Sometimes, well, a lot of the time I've found that buying 2 of something not on offer works out cheaper. Eg, offer on 2 x 500ml of lenor = £6 But 2 x 500ml of comfort is £5 (Not sure of sizes, just guessing, I mean the bottles of 21 washes) SO DOUBLE CHECK.

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