Girls Shoes Sale Up To 70% Off @ Clarks

Girls Shoes Sale Up To 70% Off @ Clarks


Just in time for the new year, Clark's have up to 70% sale off on girl's shoes – or if you are confident enough to brave town on Christmas eve, you could still bag a bargain for Christmas too.

I've said before that I didn't really know much about children until I had one. It has come as a great shock to me how quickly baby feet grow! Shoes that were bought for my daughter's birthday in October are now only good for her dolls and shoes I intended on packing away for next year, and never quite got round to, are now the flavour of the month!

I am alarmed to find this trend continues – did I mention I didn't know much about children until I had one? So those parents of girls who are continuously growing, growing, growing, will be relieved to see this sale at Clarks.

Annoyingly, you have to go IN to Clarks to buy these, which isn't great if you were hoping to just buy the next size up, but this is apparently because of their rather generous returns policy. You can still select, reserve and pay online though, so at least it's not a wasted trip for out of stock merchandise.

The shoes pictured above are Molly Star, which has 50% off and is now £8.00, Fst Fun Roam 70% off at £7.00 and the Aubergine LeatherDaisySteps which are now £32.00 and come with a free Daisy Explores doll and animal friend hidden in the heels.

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