Family Freebie: Free Paint Pod @ B&Q

18 August 2010

5010212540213_001c_v001_zp Wait! Before you leap into your car and gallop on over to B&Q I need to tell you something. You only get this chap for free if you buy any Dulux product and it only starts this Friday. Calmed down now? Awesome!

So basically B&Q are starting the deal on Friday and the stores open at 7am. I don’t think you’ll be able to amble in and get one at lunch time as it looks like these are going to hurtle out the stores.

The compact PaintPod is a fancy gizmo that releases paint onto the roller at the press of a button. It is valued at £44.99 and is small and light and clamps onto the pot of special paint. This roller painting system releases paint as you go and is used instead of a traditional roller and tray.

5010212526071_001i_v001_zpIt can cover large areas quickly and leaves a smooth finish and almost banishes the spatter effect of a traditional roller. Working out how much paint is on the roller takes a bit of getting used to and some have found this difficult to judge and it isn’t self-cleaning like its expensive older sister. Anyway, this one is FREE!

Thanks to Thrifty Spender at HUKD!

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    Looks like a good deal, but the link doesnt provide any info. What do you need to buy to get it?

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