Ciroa Cupcake Tree Stand £5.50 @ Amazon

Ciroa Cupcake Tree Stand £5.50 @ Amazon


Amazon has marked this cute little Ciroa Cupcake Tree stand down from £14.95 to £5.50. That’s a darn good saving of almost £10 off the original price and it comes with free delivery to boot. A lovely deal if you fancy some cute wire cupcake fun.

The Ciroa Miniamo Wire Cupcake Tree stand has a silver finish and was designed by Alex Liddy exclusively for Ciroa. It also goes on sale a lot so those of you who love to bake some yummy cakes will really appreciate this as a gift, either for yourself or for a friend.

The wire swirls hold each cupcake in place and the entire tree can hold up to 13 cupcakes at once. I was amused by the number actually, after all isn’t 13 supposed to be an unlucky number? I know that I am incapable of baking cupcakes so perhaps a 13 tier stand is not for me.

The stand comes gift boxed and it is 26x22cm in size. A great deal for any kitchen whizz!

Thanks to SpotMagee at HUKD!


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  • sethsmum
    Probably 13 because is it not said 13 is a bakers dozen.