Boys Traykit £12.49 @ Sainsburys

Boys Traykit £12.49 @ Sainsburys

The TrayKit is a child’s backpack that can strap onto plane and train tables to create an extended play surface. This particular TrayKit is down from £24.99 to only £12.49 at Sainsburys in their clearance sale.

The TrayKit pictured here is apparently a “boys” one but I don’t see why it needs to be gender specific at all. It can be used to hang from front seats in cars, on train and plane tables, and be extended to create a big play surface for kids.

You can pack it with pens, paper, toys, electronic games, make-up (huh?), snacks and anything else you could need for keeping the small ones entertained while you travel. It keeps everything together and stops things from rolling onto the floor.

Personally I think that this is a genius invention! If it works, that is. What a clever idea. I think it is something to be added to my wish list, especially at this low price.

Thanks to daisymeisha10 at HUKD!


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