Up To 25% Off Tickets @ LegoLand

Up To 25% Off Tickets @ LegoLand

LegoLand Windsor is offering fantastic savings on tickets to the park! Get a 25% saving if you book your tickets to the park at least 7 days before the day of your visit. If you book two to six days before the day of your visit you get up to 10% off. There are no discounts for tickets booked on the day before or on the day of your visit so book in advance and save!

Enjoy the glorious summer on one of the 55 interactive rides and attractions at LegoLand Windsor. The park features nearly 55 million Lego bricks set in 150 acres of parkland which makes it a dream come true for kids aged 3-63!

Ticket prices start from £24.38 excluding VAT and kids under three are not charged an entry fee. You also have the added convenience of being given instant access to the park if you print your tickets at home. Additional charges may apply for special event days. So book early and save!


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  • Englishbreakfast
    You can download 2 for 1 entry vouchers from various locations (just google it) and currently you get 50% entry for up to 4 people at LEGOLAND and the other merlin based parks from 6 packs of kitkat from any supermarket.....