Silly Slippeez Review

6 February 2013

No they're not toys. The items in the picture above are in fact slippers. Although at the moment they'd doing double duty as guard dinosaurs for my son's Castle while he's at school. I am under strict instructions not to move them.

These are Silly Slippeez slippers, and they come in a variety of different characters. The ones we got for review are Dizzy Donosaur.

So if you've got a child who likes fun on their feet, or needs some way of being enticed to wear slippers, then these could be the perfect footwear for them during these chillier days. Read on to find out what they're really like to wear.

There are currently four types of Silly Slippeez available to buy, and they're on special offer on the website at the moment. A pair of Silly Slippeez are £13.99.

The others are Sneaky Shark, Princess Kitty and Zany Zebra. They all have the same sorts of specifications and features.

These slippers come in sizes from a children's size 8 to a size 2. They are slip ons, so there's no backs to these slippers. When you walk, skip or jump (to quote the packaging) the slippers come to life. That is the mouths pop open, and depending on the slippers you have, or ears pop up. You can achieve the same result without wearing them by squeezing the heels of the slippers. If your child is like my son, this means the slippers also double as puppets!

There's a glow in the dark feature on them too. I didn't tell my son about this, and he was (pleasantly) freaked out when we turned the bedroom light out and he realised the dinosaur's spiky teeth glowed.

My son pointed out that the arms on the sides of the slippers were a bit odd, as he thought the slippers were meant to be the dinosaurs' heads, and why would you have arms on their heads? And also, that they looked more like purple frogs with teeth than dinosaurs. But you know that's just one of those things that kids come up with when you're just awake, haven't had your morning cup of coffee, and have absolutely no answer other than a wizard did it.

In practical terms, the popping up and down bit does add some novelty value, and whatever it is in the heel that makes the mouth move doesn't make the slippers uncomfortable. The foot of the slippers is quite thick, which is good for extra insulation. I'm not entirely sure it is up to the sort of thumping about a small child will do though, so I'll let you know how long they actually manage to last!

Being slip ons is also a good thing, it makes it much easier for him to jump in and out of the slippers. The underneath is material, but has little grips to keep them from sliding across the floor if you have no carpet. Which we don't.

However they won't stand up to going outside at all, and my son has a tendancy to pop out the back door to the trampoline on the patio in his. At the moment his other pair of slippers have hard soles, so he can do that. I have to try to catch him with these slippers and remind him to change!

We haven't had any spillages yet so I can't say how easy they are to clean. We've had other slippers with a similar furry material that was really easy to wipe clean so I'm sure these will be similar.

The slippers are made of 100% polyester, with the soles made of 100% polyester upper, EVA, PU, EPE Foam Sole.

I think these would make a great present idea, or just a fun way to keep you offspring's feet warm in the winter. Although the quality of the stitching looks good, I'm just not confident in the longevity of the foam sole. I'm willing to be proven wrong though!

Pros: Fun, warm, comfortable

Cons: Foam soles just don't feel up to a lot of thumping about

Overall verdict 7/10

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