Puma Khaki Canvas Bag £5.94 @ Debenhams

8 July 2011

pumaCanvasBag If you're looking for a smallish bag, that's understated and not remotely girly, or floral, then this Puma khaki canvas bag will tick all those boxes.

I'm not a big bag fan - in both senses of the word; the bigger they are the more unnecessary junk I tend to carry around with me.

When you have babies, you HAVE to carry a lot of baby paraphernalia around with you and, thus, an enormous changing bag is necessary.

But when your young babies are more grown-up, the less you need to cart around like some sort of pack horse and your hand bag will often be ok for slinging in the odd packet of mini wipes etc.

But what if you're a man going out with his kids?

My youngest's dad has a 'man bag' (my youngest thinks this is hilarious) that isn't too dissimilar to this Puma bag actually, it's small enough not to be obtrusive but big enough to carry what he wants to in it.

I really quite fancy one of these myself for when I need to carry things, but where my handbag is completely inappropriate.

In fact, I'm going to order one as soon as I've written this post - the original price was £22 and if you use the following codes the price will come right down to £5.94 AND you'll get free home delivery too: PXLP for 10% off and codes SHVC or SHD1 for free delivery.

Thanks to stormkitty at HUKD

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