Lelli Kelly Bags Further Reduced @ Shoes.co.uk

13 July 2014

Lelli Kelly Bags Shoes.co.uk have three Lelli Kelly Bags reduced - they were £19.90 a few days ago, and now they're £14.90. There's free delivery on orders over £35, so if you're only buying one you'll need to add the £2.95 for delivery too. That still makes the bags cheaper than I can find them anywhere else.

If you wanted matching shoes, they're also in the sale with up to £20 off, so you can bag a few savings there too.

The Lelli Kelly Freya bag is reduced from £24.90 and I can't actually see it anywhere else for less than £20.

The same can be said for the White Freya bag and the Eleanor - if you have a fan of them, saving £10 on average on each is not bad going at all.

My girls love dressing up and I can just imagine them in a few years, little big girls taking dressing up to the next level. I'm sure they'd particularly love the Eleanor bag with it's frills.

What do you think?

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