Free! Aldi Lunch Box App

7 September 2014

Aldi Lunch box app If you're anything like me, packing lunch boxes for the kids or yourself can be mind numbing. You open the fridge and just stare at it before closing it, completely lost for ideas. Not just me? Good.

Aldi have a free iPhone and Android App that you can personalise with your child's name, a picture if you fancy, and a 'lunch box colour', then choose your child's favourite snack and choose five things they don't like to eat, and you're set.

The App then gives you lunch, snack, fruit, drink and extra snack ideas for every day of the week. Don't like or have on hand what it suggests? Just refresh and try again. It also adds everything on your 'menu' to a shopping list, so you can easily add it to your trolley.

Even if you don't use it all, it could be fun for some new ideas, don't you think?

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