Starworld Handmade Bridesmaid Bouquet Set £3.99 Delivered @ Amazon Seller: Starworld6

Starworld Handmade Bridesmaid Bouquet Set

One of the biggest costs when organising a Wedding is the Flowers. Who knew they were so expensive? If you are on a budget, or want to be able to keep the Bouquets as a keepsake, then silk flowers are the way to go. Amazon Seller: Starworld6 have the Starworld Handmade Bridesmaid Bouquet Sets for just £3.99 delivered each!

The Starworld Handmade Bridesmaid Bouquet Set come in a choice of six colours: Blue, Rose Red, Red, Purple, White and Pink.

Each Bouquet is made from foam, silk roses and accented crystal diamond pins.

Coming in at just 99grams, these are much lighter and therefore easier to carry about on the big day.

Delivery is FREE of charge!

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  • Natalie S.

    I can recommend these flowers as these are the bouquets we had for my besties wedding, they were fab and super speedy delivery also xx

  • Georgia C.

    They are really nice :heart_eyes:

  • Jodie F.

    Seen something very similar for my older bridesmaids x thanks hun x

  • Sheenie R.

    Oooh thanks lovely will take a look xx

  • Amber P.

    Bloody hell thats good!! Xxx

  • Hollie G.

    Yes thank you . Was looking for these. But with more colours of flowers

  • Jess B.

    Having real flowers :blush: x

  • Jade H.

    Would be when mines all ordered and paid for xxx

  • Jamie E.

    Oooo these look great xxx

  • Jamie E.

    Oh yes gunna have to get one xxx

  • Shona H.

    I seen them but don’t have our colour xx

  • Becky H.

    I have my flowers sorted xx

  • Jade K.

    means i can keep them as a memory

  • Jasmine C.

    Seen them on ebay going to get them for the flower girls don't think they'll be big enough for bridesmaid's x

  • Nadyne G.

    Ok I might go on and have a look xxxx

  • Samantha V.

    Love the white with pink :heart_eyes:

  • Jordan B.

    I prefer these to the ones we got

  • Nicola H.

    Very pretty but I’m having real flower bouquets x

  • Tracey H.

    I've bought a load to make my own , I did see these but not too keen on all while flowers xx

  • June F.

    Very nice but ours are ordered xx

  • Tara P.

    I've got these they are lovely x

  • Hannah O.

    I think they’re already made???

  • Elaine R.

    Crap reviews too :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

  • Michelle H.

    Ooooh they're cheap xxxxx

  • Jamie R.

    Got quite a few bad reviews though, they come from China xx

  • Gillian H.

    yay! One more task crossed off the list! Xxx

  • Liz C.

    Just had a look at them, they're good for the price, good reviews too xx

  • Allison R.

    I'm buying u real bouquet :bouquet: all ready ordered xxx

  • Jacky P.

    Definitely keep the info, think your have to wait for dress colour xx

  • Jo H.

    Should I order some to see ??xxxxx

  • Aimée H.

    Funnily enough I've looked at these there good ain't they. Defo something I'll keep in mind xx

  • Sophie C.

    Fab idea xx I’ve seen a lot of people start to use alternatives now xxxx

  • Michelle D.

    Already ordered from the florist I prefer real . X:two_hearts:

  • Kate R.

    My cousin had one made of vintage brooches. Gorgeous! Xx

  • CharLottie S.

    Ooooh thanks I’ll have a look xx

  • Leonnie T.

    I had these for my wedding, they were fab i added my own flowers to add some colour z

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