Newlyweds Just Married Honeymoon Flip Flops From £4.98 @ Groupon

Just Married Flip Flops @ Groupon

Wedding season is fast approaching and if you have planned or are planning a wedding I am sure you are aware of how expensive they can be. If you can save a few pennies on the smaller details then hopefully that will help you out with the bigger items.

I love these 'Just Married' flip flops, they are perfect if you are getting married on a beach, or having a beach themed wedding or to take away on your honeymoon. They are just as fab to wear in the evening when you want to kick off your heels and dance the night away!

Over at Groupon you can save up to 36% off the price of these flip flops. They are selling for just £4.98 a pair down from £7 and are available in mens and ladies styles and sizes. If you wanted to buy 2 pairs of either ladies or mens or one of each for the bride and groom, then you will pay just £8.99 for 2.

What is fab about these flip flops is not only do they say 'Just Married' on the strap of the sandal, they also have the same message printed on the sole designed to leave an imprint on the sand as you walk!

They would make a fantastic gift to the newlyweds if you are attending their wedding as a guest too. Home delivery is not included, this is £1.99 extra and can take up to 7 working days to arrive.

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    • Amanda L.

      Can imagine :wink:

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    x step in paint will work the same x for a collage of your things like we spoke about x

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    for your Thailand stay :ok_hand:

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    and how cute are these?!? :joy:

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    u need these for ur honeymoon

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      They are cool, I'd wear them if they covered my toes :joy:x

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    for your wedding shoes haha xx

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      bargain from groupon! xx

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      They will look fab on your honeymoon xx

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    They less than £5 aswell xx

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    Oh wow I love them x x x

  • Gemma B.

    I had a pair of these ... Just be careful in tiled/marble floors (like you get in hotel receptions abroad), the cut out bits of the sole create a suction to the floor. I nearly ended up face first a couple of times :smile:

  • Geraldine D.

    u need to get a pair :thumbsup: xx

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      Need a honeymoon aswell :unamused::joy: xx

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    There nice aren't they xxx

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    OMG will you hurry up and get married

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    , for your honey moon?x

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      Omg how cute!! I want them xx

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      I imagine u n Lee strolling up the beach in these badboys xx

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      Frigging hilair!!

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      5er on groupon rude not too xxx

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      :joy::joy::joy::joy: and save them for me for when i eventually tie the knot haha xx

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      Hahaha, I'm goin to get them too! Why not! I keep saying that about everything, God knows where the money is coming from :joy::joy:

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      You only do it once girls so spoil yourselves like the princesses u are.xx

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    Love them!!! If only I knew where I was going on honeymoon :/ haha! Xxx

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    They're good for honeymoon :)! Xx

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    :joy: brilliant! Xxx

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    Haha love them! :) xx

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    We were brought Mr & Mrs ones.... Took on our honeymoon.. So cool and comfy x

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    found you shoes lol

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    I showed him he wants a pair also!hahaxx

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    Aww cute idea xx

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    think these are great idea on your honey moon! x

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    there must be a crocs version lol

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    for ur honeymoon lol x

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      There well good x

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    They are doss! Nothing booked yet but will defo keep these in mind! X

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    Cool pity we have to wait 4 months before honeymoon lol

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    Class x

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    Yep! That's wedding pressies sorted!!

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    The only beach I will be seeing at this rate is Great Yarmouth xx

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    these are cool x

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      Lovely idea but no sand in Florida for us

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    C ute!!! xx

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    These are too cute! Xxx

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    If only I was going to a beach on my honeymoon! My husband to b needs to b on the move! Lol x

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