Milestone Wedding Cards £12.99 @ Amazon

Milestone Wedding Cards £12.99 @ Amazon

If you are getting married then these wonderful Milestone Wedding Cards are a fantastic way of preserving all those memories leading up to the big day, and they're a great gift for a bride-to-be. Each time you reach a milestone in your wedding preparations, like choosing your dress, going cake tasting, sending invitations and so on, you just fill in the date and take a picture with the card to make a permanent reminder.

The box features 30 photo cards to mark and remember every step towards the aisle from the engagement and the ring, setting the date, choosing a dress, booking the location, deciding the menu and cake tasting right up to the "Today is the Big Day" card.

The set also includes a poster outlining all of the cards to mark off each card that's been completed and it can also act as a reminder of the special moments to come when you're all stressed out with the planning.

There's also special cards for couples to write in what they like most about each other, and even a card to mark the stag or hen weekend too.

If you have Amazon Prime delivery is free, otherwise it's free on orders of £20 or more, with charges when you spend less.


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  • Toni W.

    you need some of these for your 1 second everyday :bride_with_veil:

    • Holly G.

      Ahhh I defo do!! Except I think I've missed a few opportunities already :see_no_evil:a Barkerw cute are these?! #notjustforbabies

      • Rebecca B.

        omg I feel like I've failed as a bridesmaid by not getting you these :joy:

        • Holly G.

          :joy::joy: I'll forgive you for picking #teamholly also tried to edit the horrendous grammar in my comment but it kept going wrong argh!

        • Toni W.

          I know yours isn't till next year but these are cute as xxx

          • Hannah S.

            Oh thanks tone I'll have a look xxx

          • Jacque L.

            you need these! Keep us amused for the next 6 months

            • Kaitlin M.

              Love that idea thanks hunn x

              • Kate F.

                Aw what a lovely idea! :) xx

                • Barbara B.

                  Aww I love these. I have the baby versions.x

                  • Sara-Jayne F.

                    Love these! So cute! :grin:

                    • Sarah S.

                      What a great idea, wish they had things like this when we got married might have to renew our vows on a special anniversary :joy::joy: xxx

                      • Alana P.

                        Defo they are so cute and havnt seen anyone else using them xx

                        • Bal K.

                          Milestone cards need them xxx

                          • Charley B.

                            aww i love this idea! :heart_eyes: xx

                            • Stacey M.

                              I wish id seen these months ago :cry: ive done most if them xx

                              • Siobhan Q.

                                Aw these are lovely :ok_hand_tone2:

                                • Sophie A.

                                  Omg need these :ring::bride_with_veil_tone3:

                                  • Sophie A.

                                    I know!! They are fab!! Xxx

                                    • Carla J.

                                      lol I'm not that organised :joy:

                                      • Vicki G.

                                        I LOVE these!!! So want them :) x