Krispy Kreme Weddings Towers & Wedding Favours

Krispy Kreme Weddings Towers & Wedding Favours

If you are planning a wedding or know someone who is then you have got to show them this - Krispy Kreme do weddings!

You can get Wedding Towers of doughnuts for your guests to tuck into that resemble a giant tiered wedding cake, and these come in either assorted doughnuts or original glazed. Each has more than two hundred doughnuts on a custom stand for between £335 and £355.

You can also get Wedding Favours in the form of individual boxed doughnuts in a choice of six different varieties, with prices from £1.80 each. You can also get them personalised with stickers as well with "A Sweet Treat From Mr & Mrs" on them.

These super doughnut towers aren't just for weddings, so you could also order these for parties, family get-togethers or whatever you wish.

These would make a very unusual addition to your wedding feast, and would certainly get people talking! So what do you think, are you having a Krispy Kreme wedding?


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  • Emma S.

    the alternative wedding cake :joy::joy:

    • Rachel R.

      Oh myyyyyyy that looks tasty

      • Rachel R.

        Id have to have chocolate ones all the way though haha

        • Emma S.

          Easier to divide! Different flavours lol

          • Rachel R.

            Its true! Chocolate ones for me though

            • Emma S.

              Don't forget me lolol :kissing_heart::joy: lol xx

              • Emma S.

                You can write both your names all over them. I know someone who did it with individual chocolate cakes. X

                • Rachel R.

                  Thats a good idea! There is so much ideas to choose from its so hard

                  • Emma S.

                    Don't worry you will know it when you see it. There are so many different ways of doing it all you will find the right ones for you both :D xx

                  • Elizabeth M.

                    Oh my Lordy :heart_eyes: I have seen the wedding favours..

                    • Rebecca M.

                      £345!!!! :astonished::astonished::astonished: no thanks!! lol x

                      • Toni R.

                        Omg!!! I'd eat that all to myself :joy::joy:

                        • Tasha S.

                          Perfect if I liked donuts :confused: xxx

                          • Richard H.

                            You can never have enough doughnuts!!

                            • Sarah P.

                              I've 2 sisters getting married, going to try to get at least one of them to go for this!

                              • Katrina L.

                                YYUUMM what great taste I have! Haha! Xxx

                                • Sarah P.

                                  l was thinking about it :joy::joy:

                                  • Nadia L.

                                    Yeah! I'm having them as wedding favours! :heart_eyes:

                                    • Lauren B.

                                      Oh I need it!! Not even for the wedding, just now lol

                                      • Emma S.

                                        :heart_eyes: to be honest that would work out more expensive than having a normal cake :joy: xx

                                        • Kim W.

                                          Did this for our wedding party, 2.5yrs ago :)

                                          • Natasha S.

                                            I won't share though...maybe that's why I'm single :joy::joy: if I marry myself can I still have this cake :joy:

                                            • Catherine D.

                                              hahahaa i was thinking birthday is it too much for a birthday hahaha not with us lot be gone in a hour between us

                                              • Diana M.

                                                I'm actually gonna think about doing this mate x

                                                • Michelle M.

                                                  It looks lush! And you can mix the flavours! Mmmmmmm Krispy Kreme :doughnut::doughnut::doughnut::doughnut:

                                                  • Diana M.

                                                    This is a front runner for the cake at the mo mate :-) x

                                                    • Abi M.

                                                      Copy cat

                                                      • Diana M.

                                                        Did U have doughnuts Abs xz

                                                        • Abi M.


                                                          • Abi M.


                                                            • Diana M.

                                                              I just loves doughnuts lol x

                                                            • Vicky F.

                                                              I suggested this to James the other day :heart_eyes::joy:

                                                              • Nikki F.

                                                                I wouldnt want anyone else to have any :joy:

                                                                • Mandy B.

                                                                  I agree, no need to get married to have one of these. It can also be a birthday :birthday:

                                                                  • Rich S.

                                                                    Second layer up is all mine #dreamcake