Harry Potter or Disney Wedding Shoe Stickers £4.75 @ Etsy Seller: Mesmerising Moments

Harry Potter or Disney Wedding Shoe Stickers £4.75 @ Etsy Seller: Mesmerising Moments

If you're planning your wedding and looking for some unique touches that will really make your wedding personal then we have found just the thing.

If you are a Disney or Harry Potter fan then these Wedding Shoe Stickers are perfect for you!

Etsy seller Mesmerising Moments makes these wonderful shoe stickers to order for just £4.75 per set.

You can choose from the Harry Potter* or Disney stickers. The Harry Potter stickers have the infamous Severus Snape quote 'After All This Time?' on one sticker and on the other it has a picture of a stag and says 'Always'.

There are three Disney designs, there's an Aurora*, Belle* and Cinderella*. One sticker has an image of your selected Disney Princess with their Prince Charming and the other says 'Happily Ever After' in the iconic Disney font. These are perfect for any Disney princess!

All the stickers are handmade by the seller, they are easy to apply and come with instructions. They can easily be removed too.

Standard shipping is 75p via second class delivery or you can choose 1st class for 95p.


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  • Katie M.

    not for wedding but night out harry potter shoes! X

    • Lucy H.

      Ha not this high for me!! :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

      • Deborah F.

        My fav two things combined :heart_eyes:

        • Jessica D.

          :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I'm on the shoe hunt!!!!

          • Anna L.

            Omg amazing!! :zap::bride_with_veil_tone1:

            • Maurica C.

              The decals anyway could put them on any shoes... Cinderella & prince charming... I'm sure James would be delighted! :joy:

              • Jenny M.

                Ooh..get the beauty and the beast stickers :wink::wink:

                • Eilidh R.

                  I would so love these! Except I can't walk in heels haha x

                  • Victoria H.

                    Haha! They are stickers so you could put them on any shoes! x

                    • Georgia L.

                      :heart_eyes: I love them both! :heart_eyes:

                      • Colleen C.

                        They're lovely. I would have got something like that had I been wearing heels xxx

                        • Jaimee R.

                          haha I went for comfort with flats too :grinning: xx

                          • Stacie G.

                            Ceremony & Reception shoes :wink:

                            • Dulcie C.

                              They look cool don't they! X

                              • Claire F.

                                Omg I'm having them not the shoes the bits stick on :heart_eyes:

                                • Laura B.

                                  You have got to get the harry potter ones! :heart_eyes: always :heart_eyes:

                                  • Maurica C.

                                    Fabulous... all systems go so! :kissing_heart:

                                    • Suzie F.

                                      Literally just been looking at these :heart_eyes:

                                      • Jade R.

                                        I wouldnt know which quote to have :heart_eyes:

                                        • Beccy F.

                                          Aww my two faves. Shame I can't walk in heels. I'm going to wear converse lol