Half Price Bulk Bags Of Sweets (2-3kg) @ Swizzels

Half Price Bulk Bags Of Sweets

Planning a Party or Wedding? This deal may well appeal to you. Swizzels have Bulk Bags of Sweets reduced by 50%. They are great for Wedding Favours or Party Bags. You may even fancy stocking up for yourself.

Snap up these bargains:

Delivery starts at £2.62 and is FREE when you spend £30+.

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  • Enya M.

    I have brought them, they are here mine are personalised xx

  • Carli-may W.

    - have a look at these and tell me if these are good prices or whether it will be similar when we go to bookers later this month?? Xxx

  • Jennifer K.

    tagging you so I can find this again :joy:

  • Hannah M.

    il go order some soon xx

  • Amy J.

    ...i see sweets i think of you... has nothing to do with the wedding :yum::wink::grin: xx

    • Emma B.

      I don’t know why :speak_no_evil::joy: xx

  • Hayley L.

    don't you love the Parma violet's??!!x

  • Kay D.

    We're all done! Everything's ready to go :grinning::grinning:

  • Emma M.

    how quickly do these expire :joy::joy:

  • Beth M.

    Ooo yes and 50% off why not :smirk::smirk: xxx

  • Suzanne H.

    Love hearts will haunt me forever more

  • Caroline G.

    I don't need any excuse to eat these!! :heart:Them! But will bear them in mind!!! X

  • Hannah M.

    Got a candy cart coming x

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