Ginger Ray Wooden Wedding Jigsaw Guest Book £15 @ Hobbycraft

Ginger Ray Wooden Wedding Jigsaw Guest Book £15 @ Hobbycraft

This gorgeous wooden jigsaw is a great alternative to a traditional guest book. If you are getting married or know someone who is then you must show them this!

The Ginger Ray Boho Wooden Jigsaw Guest Book is a steal at just £15 over at Hobbycraft. Much cheaper than many others on the market.

All you have to do is ask your guests to each sign a jigsaw piece or write a message and then slot the pieces back together to form a large heart.

After your special day, you'll be able to display your jigsaw proudly at home and read back all the lovely messages. It is a great way to relive the day over and over again and also creates a talking point at your home and at the wedding too!

The large wooden heart contains 58 pieces so if you have more guests it may be advisable to buy more than one or have couples or families sign just one piece. The jigsaw measures 47 x 42 cm.

You can Click and Collect your Jigsaw Guest Book for £1 to your local Hobbycraft store. Home delivery is free on orders over £30 otherwise it is £3.50.


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  • Lynn P.

    you would need some size of jigsaw x

    • Alexis D.

      We have a similar one but it's a frame with hearts to sign. I thought we can have it up all the time then :heart_eyes:xx

      • Nicola B.

        Omg! I saw this the other day it's gorgeous! Cx

        • Alison B.

          Great idea isn't it. U could frame it afterwards. X

          • Ruth H.

            Ha I've seen ones like this :grinning:

            • Toni B.

              Thought this was pretty cool and different xx

              • Sarah K.

                Could get lost easily? :(

                • Laura L.

                  Love this :heart_eyes: thanks babes xxx

                  • Kelly F.

                    Ooh that's different :sparkling_heart:

                    • Claire P.

                      We had this ladies looks lovely but don't break it up like we did because people signed it upside down and wrong way lol so it's just stored in a box now :see_no_evil: xx

                      • Kelly C.

                        you would have to stand with it and let people know what to do :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

                        • Claire P.

                          :joy: I was gutted when we put it together lol xx

                          • Kelly C.

                            you would have to stand with it and let people know what to do :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

                            • Rahanna H.

                              Haha I'd just leave it as it is :) and you would need a good few just for your family alone lol xx

                              • Katie E.

                                We had a tree one and we numbered the back of each piece because it took 3 hours to put together due to irregular pieces... only 2 people decided to write over the top of the number so i consider that a win :)

                                • Sabrina T.

                                  We had the same problem its lovely just dont break it xx

                                • Emily R.

                                  We've got an American mailbox with Mr and Mrs Tognotti and postcards for ours! I love how many cool ideas are out there! Xxx

                                  • Stacey M.

                                    I really love it, wish I saw it for my wedding! Xx

                                    • Nicole M.

                                      We'll have to go over and look at them. I quite liked the frame idea xx

                                      • Emma O.

                                        You get loads of different wee things like this. I've seen the wee wooden hearts with messages in a big picture frame too.

                                        • Elisa M.

                                          Oh wow that's lovely :grinning:

                                          • Joe O.

                                            We've already ordered two

                                            • Natalie W.

                                              That's so cool! Do you think they do 130 pieces?!:joy:

                                              • Lisa B.

                                                I'd end up losing half of pieces haha x

                                                • Shelley W.

                                                  I've just seen this it's lovely xx

                                                  • Kirsty H.

                                                    Love it but we have the heart drop one xx