Bride, Hen & Groom Wedding Range From £2 @ Asda George

11 January 2017
Bride, Hen & Groom Wedding Range From £2

Wedding season is fast approaching, and if you're involved in planning the wedding or Hen Party then Asda have some fab new items that are perfect, and they start at just £2! They do a range of novelty clothing items including nightwear, underwear and more.

Although some of these have been out last year, some are brand new for this wedding season, including those fun Groom*, Usher*, and Best Man* socks.

The Team Bride* pyjamas are fab for the Hen do and bridesmaids, and at just £8 each we're expecting them to sell fast. There's a matching set for the Bride To Be* as well.

There's robes, slippers, and even undies too for the Bride To Be, Bridesmaids and Hens On Tour*!

Some items are online exclusive, while others may be available in larger stores.

You can click and collect your Bride and Hen goodies for free from Asda stores, or home delivery costs £2.95 per order.

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  • Laura P.

    Oh my God. I absolutely love these!!! Yes!!xxx

  • Carla M.

    We need these!!!!!!!!! :heart::heart:xxxx

  • Jordan �.

    :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: how cute!! Xxxxxx

  • Sam S.

    I have theses £6 from Asda xxxxx

  • Charlotte M.

    yeah they do socks and stuff now :thumbsup_tone1: x

  • Shelly C.

    I still wear mine :heart_eyes:xxx

  • Gemma M.

    Thank you Nina just got the white set today :slight_smile: x

  • Kim H.

    Oh wow I'll take a look!!:bride_with_veil:

  • Sarah H.

    Hehe their cool pyjamas x

  • Sarah W.

    i think they are cute pj's! X

  • Sarah H.

    £8 they are just had a look x

  • Janine B.

    Be nice for on morn of wedding x

  • Jodi S.

    Looks good . It's mad the stuff you can get lol. X

  • Sarah-Ann F.

    I've seen these so tempted :grimacing::grimacing: xxx

  • Terri G.

    Yeah they are good aren't they xxx

  • Samantha F.

    Wow how cheap!! Love them x

  • Carrie A.

    These are so cute!!! :heart_eyes:

  • Amba M.

    From asda? I'll go have a look tomorrow xx

  • Emma D.

    I thought they looked fab especially for the price xx

  • Vicki P.

    Oh my god I need these! X

  • Emma L.

    Would make cute photos as well!!!

  • Carol O.

    They are fab thank you for tagging me hun xx

  • Fiz A.

    I'll pass them on for the hen party :wink:

  • Lisa S.

    For the hen?? or night before?? x

  • Claire G.

    I had them for last year & left them there :see_no_evil: we should get them, I will pick up bride ones for Lisa :bride_with_veil_tone1: xx

  • Lisa S.

    For the hen?? or night before?? x

  • Hayley D.

    I have the white ones. You need the pink ones!!!!

  • Lydia S.

    Oo might look online later! Xx

  • Jaclynn J.

    I'll try and order them x

  • Lisa S.

    Yeah nice babe, love them x

  • Lisa C.

    Ohhhhh these would be nice for the hotel x

  • Lisa S.

    Yeah nice babe, love them x

  • Alanna S.

    I was looking at these the other day! I love them!

  • Lauren W.

    Yes we need all of it dressing gowns the lot haha

  • Becky M.

    Aw wow these are good :bride_with_veil_tone2::ring: xxx

  • Emma H.

    These r the jammies I bought with the matching dressing gown x I've not bought the bridesmaid ones though x

  • Linda C.

    They from asda?? They r great xxx

  • Jody D.

    Can we order now?? Eeekkk I love them xxx

  • Amy P.

    Love it, and good price too x

  • JoJo W.

    Ordered :thumbsup_tone1::thumbsup_tone1::blush: x

  • Eimear H.

    There is groom socks & stuff £2 lol not bad :joy:

  • Kirsty P.

    Me and my sister have these from her wedding lol xxx

  • Cathie A.

    These are so lovely :two_hearts::two_hearts:

  • Shona B.

    I know didn't even know asda done that stuff lol xx

  • Daryl M.

    I choose the pink ones lol

  • Crystal E.

    :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: love these!!!!

  • Nicci J.

    How lush :heartpulse: I want a dressing gown one :joy::raised_hands:xx

  • Kirsty M.

    I like the dressing gowns xx

  • Emma S.

    Shame there not black & white but there nice arnt they x

  • Kerry M.

    ha ha love it :heart_eyes: my girl knows me too well :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands: xx

  • Bethan A.

    I would order them now but I've got no money until Friday xx

  • Amy E.

    I've already got my eye on them Thanks x

  • Lauren C.

    How cute are these! Team bride pjs would be cute for the hen do lol :bride_with_veil_tone1::speak_no_evil: xx

  • Aimee P.

    Omg these are so cuteee!!!!!!!

  • Samantha C.

    HAHA! These are a must!!!!!

  • Rachel S.

    These are what we are getting aren't they?

  • Katie H.

    Ooh my girls might like these :blush:

  • Sam F.

    I love them! I've been looking for pjs/dressing gowns for weeks and weeks for us all lol xx

  • Rebecca P.

    Aren't they! I love them xx

  • Jemma C.

    Yeah!!!! Please do! I've been after a set ha xxx

  • Claire F.

    Who would have thought Asda - and reasonable prices x

  • Amanda B.

    We need some of these for the night before! :relaxed::bride_with_veil_tone1::dancers::dancers:

  • Chel M.

    Ah they are lovely :) will def get some :) thanks Hun hope ur good xx

  • Fiona B.

    Need these!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Kristi C.

    Thank you! One of the things left on my list :heart:

  • Kerry M.

    a girls best friend :heartpulse::heartpulse: xx

  • Laura M.

    I was just looking at these lol!

  • Natalie B.

    I love these!!! We must order!!

  • Katie M.

    I think we should order them!!

  • Joanna A.

    They're lovely eh? Asda too! :ok_hand: Xxd

  • Tasha Y.

    :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: something like this for night before too!!! :heart:

  • Francesca B.

    Thanks going to check this out now! X

  • Georgina T.

    When we got married things like this was at least double the price of these ones x

  • Karen T.

    They are great, arent they! Xxx

  • Suzanne H.

    Think I might get my dressing gown from here. X

  • Bex F.

    Plenty of stuff to buy ....

  • Katie M.

    Hen party and wedding morning :thumbsup::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::bride_with_veil:

  • Laura C.

    Nice for wedding day though xx

  • Kyra P.

    Omg we all need to get these!! Lol xx

  • Natasha L.

    Yeah deffo they are lush xxx

  • Sarah M.

    Wow that's cheap :laughing: ill have a look! Xxx

  • Sarah R.

    Love these I've seen them before xx

  • Shelly F.

    We could all get these for the hen xxx

  • Kerry M.

    def have to get something like this x

  • Becky G.

    perfect for you & whoever is staying with you the night before :ok_hand_tone2: x

  • Kelly H.

    Cheers bud just ordered the bride to be pj's! Eeeeeek xx

  • Jade A.

    Just looked there £8 in asda :thumbsup:

  • Kyra P.

    There in asda! Lol there £8 that's good lol

  • Emma W.

    It's all quite cheap as well! Some places are so expensive! It's prob only gonna be worn once anyway :smile: xx

  • Abbey P.

    Love this! Do they do Disney ones? Lol xx

  • Zoe M.

    That's fab isn't it :grin::grin:

  • Leanne W.

    I'm getting excited now! :grimacing::bride_with_veil_tone2:

  • Chelsey C.

    Oooo yes for our slumber party the day before the wedding :heart_eyes:xxx

  • Kayleigh O.

    These are cute I've been looking at dressing gowns for us all for the morning when we are getting ready x

  • Christine M.

    You def do, they're gorgeous! Xx

  • Laura C.

    Oh aye il look out for them xx

  • Sophie W.

    I've seen some slippers too!

  • Harriet R.

    So cute. We need these xx

  • Charlotte B.

    :heart: these loads and loads xxx

  • Irene J.

    just looking at them on line xxx

  • Tracey G.

    Omg love these :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:

  • Tara W.

    I need to have a bridal shower to get stuff like this :joy::joy::joy::joy:

  • Gemma M.

    so cheap too!! £8 a set! xx

  • Francesca G.

    Awww, these are so cute! x

  • Charlotte B.

    Do they do them in extra chunky size?? Xxx

  • Amy C.

    I bought my friend some of these who is getting married this year :)

  • Gemma M.

    i think the biggest size is 20-22 xx

  • Katie B.

    For the morning of the wedding when ye are getting ready :slight_smile::thumbsup_tone2:

  • Lauren M.

    :purple_heart::ring::laughing: I NEED THESE!!!!!! Xxx

  • Jess C.

    Rite cool arnt they :-) xxx

  • Stacey M.

    Aw I really like These zx

  • Jenna M.

    Ohh yes need to get bridemaids and mother of bride xx

  • Amanda M.

    Was looking at them, nice eh xx

  • Kerry N.

    Yes we guna get some of these. Ive got some slippers for us all... xxx

  • Dani D.

    Just seen them:heart_eyes:I think there fab xxx

  • Leah J.

    Aww love this ! :heart::heart:

  • Chloe C.

    No I love it ! You share my enthusiasm!!!!

  • Charlotte O.

    I was just looking at this x

  • Allana P.

    Hen party jammys. :grin::ok_woman::revolving_hearts: x

  • Natalie W.

    yeh I like these ones too xx

  • Claire D.

    We should get these. And you get slippers aswell

  • Nicole T.

    I am 100% buying them for marbs!!

  • Theresa J.

    I'm so excited!! I think we need team bride pjs :grin: xx

  • Jema W.

    Love these!!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Bianca F.

    I could do with these for morning of wedding :heart:

  • Lauren N.

    Aw I want these :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Reg V.

    My mission tomorrow to find them x

  • Chloe K.

    We've deffos gotta get these:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:x

  • Lynne R.

    Was just looking at these last night! :blush::purple_heart::bride_with_veil_tone2: xxx

  • Kirsty B.

    Need to get to asda. These are fab! Be fab for henny xx

  • Lianne B.

    Gorgeous aren't they :ribbon: xx

  • Danielle L.

    Asda are doing dressing gowns and other bits will be cute for the wedding eve and morning for pictures xx

  • Sophie A.

    Eeeee we need these:heart_eyes::sparkling_heart::ring::bride_with_veil_tone3:

  • Sophie H.

    They are good aren't they xx

  • Nicole M.

    Wow! I'll have to have a look!!!!

  • Cherie M.

    Awwww they are fab!! I'll need to have a look! Thanks Hazel!!:kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

  • Laura S.

    Seriously! I never knew asda did a wedding range!! Theyre beaut and super cheap! Xxx

  • Trudy S.

    Wow I love these, these are a must have x

  • Danielle S.

    Awww iv been looking at these! Love them xx

  • Laura A.

    We can wear them the morning of the wedding when getting out hair and make up done xx:heart::heart::heart:

  • Jenna M.

    :heart::heart::heart: thank you xxxxx

  • Jenna M.

    These r adorable. Thank u xx

  • Kimberley G.

    There's some lush ones out there :two_hearts: xxx

  • Emma C.

    Awww there class :heart_eyes: and for asda really good x

  • Sarah C.

    Oh my goodness I love this!

  • Majella C.

    Can you order online? We don't have asda here?

  • Roxanne F.

    I've just ordered mine xx

  • Becky H.

    We so need to order these they are lovely :heart_eyes:

  • Sam F.

    For our night before!! Xx

  • Jo M.

    Team bride!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::hugging::hugging::hugging:

  • Faye D.

    Love them ! Good spot ! Thanks :blush: x

  • Jaime C.

    These are ace I'm off to look lol x

  • Michaela N.

    Arnt they class be good to get them in x

  • Helen J.

    I love these keep looking at them lol x

  • Rachel A.

    We might need to get some :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Claire H.

    These are what I've got here!!!

  • Carolyn P.

    Omg I love these!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: thanks for the tag :grin::kissing_heart: xx

  • Lynn P.

    I do like the 'team bride' jammies!

  • Colette C.

    They've got quite a few bits xx

  • Christina W.

    Shall we order some? So cheap!!

  • Kimberley T.

    I like the sound of matching outfits :joy:

  • Laura S.

    would be fab for wedding planning parties x

  • Shannon M.

    cheap as well, so that's a bonus :grin:xxx

  • Emma H.

    I have ordered clothes from George before and had them delivered xxx

  • Alison C.

    OMG they are proper cool :grinning: xxx

  • Kerry N.

    That's a bargain let's get them x

  • Sacha B.

    These are so comfy btw! The dressing gown is fab to! #stalker! :joy:

  • Rebecca J.

    Yes!!! Exciting!!!! :tada::tada::tada: xxxxx

  • Lynsey A.

    Those are sooooo coooool xxxx

  • Laura S.

    I always click and collect for clothes xx

  • Shirley L.

    I want them and the team bride robe!

  • Alice-Hannah P.

    :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: need these!!!

  • Amie H.

    Didn't know they were doing things like this, thank you xx

  • Becci B.

    We've ordered dressing gowns

  • Becky W.

    I've had a look they are really cheap, a lot cheaper then what I have been looking at. Xx

  • Kate W.

    Omg I need these they're lush :blush::heart::heart:

  • Sarah M.

    Hahaha i already have these! And the gowns! :relieved:

  • Audrey B.

    I really like these ones too xx

  • Claire C.

    Ohh love these thank you! Xx

  • T-Rude C.

    Aaah theses are cool :)). Xx

  • Gemma M.

    well in that case... they also do matching robes for £22 :blush::blush::blush: xx

  • Laura S.

    Cute and what a bargain. Xx

  • Karen F.

    I will get slippers too xx

  • Adele M.

    Defo need to get them! After us just talking about them x

  • Dana K.

    I need these to complete my bridezilla look :joy:

  • Alison W.

    Love these gonna check xxxx

  • Amy C.

    I need these my match my dressing gown :heart_eyes: gonna have to go shopping. X

  • Tabitha B.

    These look ace will have a look thank you! Xxx

  • Zoe S.

    Yes these are the ones I saw :grin::grin: xxxx

  • Natalie G.

    Exactly what I was thinking lol. Any excuse :-D x

  • Megan A.

    Just moseyed ! There stuffs lovely! Thanks Hun xxxx

  • Gillian L.

    They are fab. Definitely!! X

  • Lynds B.

    I like :two_hearts: is that Asda xx

  • Amy G.

    I want every outfit going

  • Amanda J.

    We need these for this hen weekend when we get it booked :heart_eyes: xxxx

  • Alannah M.

    Haha imagine us all in them!! What a sight for sore eyes :see_no_evil:

  • Donna F.

    I know we need to the team bride too xx

  • Katie P.

    Should definitely get the dressing gowns for the night before and morning of the wedding x

  • Debbie L.

    I've got the white ones :D xx

  • Amy A.

    I've got the dressing gown to this :grinning: xx

  • Alex H.

    Prob won't get them in but they all online

  • Natalie M.

    Like the sound of that :two_hearts:

  • Nicole J.

    Was going to get these the other day xx

  • Kayleigh H.

    They are well nice, we need these

  • Lauren T.

    No way I'll have to keep my eyes out, don't usually go Asda though. U think they will do them online? Xx

  • Katherine H.

    There good. You will just have to wait and see xx

  • Vicki K.

    These are amazing I want them xxx

  • Carly P.

    Im tempted to buy them and put them away :joy::joy:

  • Laura F.

    Omg love these thanks Zo :kissing_heart: xxx

  • Nikita M.

    Oh fab might go grab some on payday and put them away :heart_eyes:

  • Laura M.

    they're nice but again I'm happy with anything :)

  • Alex H.

    Wow thanks total bargain xx

  • Kelly C.

    They are lush thanks sand xx

  • Danielle A.

    Love theses :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: xxxxxxx

  • Laura S.

    Shall I order, I wanna get dressing gown too. X

  • Laura M.

    Ooo they're nice!! Should start picking up these wee things just now! :thumbsup_tone1:x

  • Shiv B.

    Awww they are lush! I want!!

  • Kerrie W.

    I love these and the dressing gowns xx

  • Danielle S.

    They have socks for the lads too xxx

  • Leanne A.

    I seen these there lovely!

  • Lauren M.

    Oh I like them . I need to start getting organised :see_no_evil::joy:x

  • Annie C.

    Yes they look nice ...better than those awful frilly pants ! :fearful:

  • Andrea C.

    awwww these are so cute :purple_heart::purple_heart:xx

  • Jess T.

    I a don't hav the bride to be one haha xx

  • Abigail F.

    I wanna get married now! :( it's too exciting xxxx

  • Chelsea B.

    Ahh loveee!! Much cheaper than I've found elsewhere!

  • Lynette H.

    Aww love them! I got some like this month's ago haha xxxx

  • Gail R.

    I didn't see a bride one when I ordered them ha xx

  • Coral T.

    Lol I have just been looking at them xx

  • Melissa O.

    We'll need new ones for the wedding with our new bodies :sweat_smile::joy::heart_eyes::muscle_tone2::ok_hand_tone2::see_no_evil::bride_with_veil_tone2::runner_tone2:‍♀️:athletic_shoe: xxx

  • Samantha G.

    Omg love them!!! We need a pyjama party :joy::joy: Xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Kellie S.

    Going to pop in tomorrow to have a look.xx

  • Fiona T.

    Love them!!! Think we should get them for the hols!!

  • Nicola A.

    These match the dressing gown lol xxx

  • Lynne D.

    I saw them on here before I think you can only get them online but mega cheap xxx

  • Laura K.

    Oh my god! These are amazing!! Hmmm think I need to be purchasing these for my little henlings haha :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart::heart: xx

  • Angie B.

    Er....I need to lose 5 stone before anyone sees me in this lol! However they are awesome! xx

  • Kate V.

    I just love wedding talk... so exciting :clap::clap::clap:

  • Amy N.

    Aaahhh cool. I will have a look. :relaxed::relaxed: xx

  • Jay W.

    Thats the george asda website, will b able to get them no bother. Xxxx

  • Victoria A.

    Tried to find these but couldn't find them xx

  • Ann-Marie O.

    They look cool might have to look at them x

  • Amy G.

    A few cheeky purchases just happened

  • Mel H.

    Anyway I can't believe asda are selling these :astonished: xx

  • Chantelle J.

    I have seen some others that im after which are long bottoms but gotta see what money i have as have to get more important stuff first :blush: I looked the other day and want the dressing gown that they have haha

  • Laura M.

    Haha I can't wait especially to go dress shopping :heart_eyes: xxx

  • Lorraine L.

    I have seen these they are nice ain't they xx

  • Kia H.

    We need a pair :heart_eyes_cat::princess_tone3:

  • Lynette H.

    Yeah i would. There nicer than the ones I've already got xxxx

  • Becci P.

    Omg omg omg omg we neeeeed xx

  • Chloe A.

    I've got these already a few months back! But thanks Hun xxxx

  • Amy G.

    Couldn't resist a few items

  • Jemma S.

    I know there's a few bits when you click on x

  • Natalie R.

    How cute!! I think we all need them for our panama party the night before!

  • Sarah W.

    The Team Bride are for the bridal party. I got them for the morning of my wedding but had to order them online because they didn't have them in store

  • Jessica C.

    Seen these nice ain't they x

  • Catherine R.

    I want something like this be cool for the morning when getting pampered x

  • Heather M.

    Will be ace, I'm so sorting it hehe

  • Lauren F.

    Yessss!!! I need to order them on payday xxxx

  • Hannah J.

    These are fab I want them for us all!!!! Xxx

  • Pamela J.

    Home bargains do lovely ones as well

  • Steph T.

    These are amaze and there in Asda to xx

  • Sarah W.

    Yes I want it all ha ha :-)

  • Lisa L.

    Aren't theses lovely :heart_eyes:

  • Síneád M.

    I have other stuff but love these more lol xx

  • Lauren R.

    Perfect thanks I shall purchase these :heart_eyes:xxx

  • Sarah W.

    Maybe not the tiny shorts lol but Im Liking the idea :-)

  • Stephanie G.

    We should get these for the weekend :joy:

  • Nicki J.

    Undies what's the point :joy::see_no_evil::joy:

  • Gemma G.


  • Sarah W.

    Ha I don't think I'll ever rock tiny shorts again lol :joy: loosing 9 stone ain't good on ur legs :see_no_evil:

  • Yvonne R.

    They look fab for Tenerife :grinning:

  • Karen B.

    They were doing a nightdress as well, I was thinking about getting it for the wedding night but realised it probably isn't wedding night appropriate :wink::joy: x x x

  • Cassie D.

    Oh a love these. Need to be having a look on the website! :speak_no_evil::two_hearts:

  • Jenna O.

    Oh these are so cool! :kissing_heart:

  • Sarah W.

    I love these :heart_eyes::heart::bride_with_veil: xxxx

  • Louise G.

    It better be a warm summer...or I'll just wear them under my Harry Potter onesie lol :joy:x

  • Serena J.

    Aww they are nice... need to remember near the time that asda has them cheep i seen them before and they more expensive than that but i was going to get some :blush::thumbsup_tone1: xx

  • Leanne G.

    Team bride :joy: love em X

  • Zoë W.

    Aww love them! Summer ones too!! Might actually get some :blush: xx

  • Michelle W.

    Like these, may have to get these for Barcelona :tropical_drink::blush:X

  • Simone G.

    These are totally ace!!! Love them! I got some similar to these xx

  • Morgan M.

    Yassss :thumbsup_tone1::thumbsup_tone1::thumbsup_tone1::thumbsup_tone1:

  • Rebekah B.

    I know I want the dressing gown! Xxx

  • Pauline S.

    We defo need to get these xx

  • Natalie O.

    Bride to be ones ordered! And some socks for the best man :thumbsup_tone2::thumbsup_tone2: thanks :kissing_heart:

  • Kelly M.

    Lovely arent they :two_hearts: these cud b r goin out outfits fr malaga :see_no_evil::scream::joy: xx

  • Kerry P.

    :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: love xxxx

  • Lisa H.

    Me and lorna been looking at the dressing gowns x

  • Becky T.

    imagine, and how the hell have they got such a good deal xxx

  • Charlotte E.

    I ordered these last week :blush:

  • Kayla C.

    I'll definitely have to some :blush: I love the dressing gowns too like these too :blush:

  • Natalie S.

    I need long bottoms...don't do shorts but I'll get some to match :blush:

  • Becca A.

    I can feel a brideszilla coming our way...

  • Rachael W.

    Shorts in winter though brrrr! :fearful:

  • Rosellen M.

    Oh love these too :heart_eyes: xx

  • Jill G.

    We have dressing gowns which I've had done :thumbsup_tone1::thumbsup_tone1::thumbsup_tone1::thumbsup_tone1:

  • Siobhan J.

    I seen these before, might have to buy these xx

  • Michelle R.

    Thanks hun. Will have a look later x

  • Bex C.

    love them. we defo need them xxx

  • Zoe D.

    I've already bought the white one at the beginning of the week hehe

  • Angela G.

    Got these :grin::grin::grin:xxx

  • Chanel D.

    I love them!!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Lucy H.

    Awwww love them!!! :heart_eyes::ribbon:

  • Mandy F.

    They do dressing gowns slippers and pants too x

  • Emily S.

    Omg need :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Clare G.

    Aww these are cute eh xxx

  • Emma F.

    Maybe when i have lost a bit weight :joy: lush tho xx

  • Christine M.

    There are too many of these to decide which is the best lol

  • Victoria A.

    I've got the bride ones there amazing xxx

  • Lisa C.

    Love these. Will have to get some for the night before the wedding and to get ready in xxx

  • Chantal G.

    I bort the bride one just before Christmas lol :grin: but all be getting the team bride for us xxxxxx

  • Angharad L.

    They're fab aren't they x

  • Rebecca D.

    Ooo!! Thanks, i seen these the other day and lost the post xx

  • Oonagh H.

    Lovely n they r cheap like!! X

  • Maria B.

    Thank you! I want some of these xx

  • Katie C.

    These are lovely! Deffo getting us all pjs to get ready in the morning in :heartpulse: x

  • Sophie U.

    These r nice:) soon as I'm bk off holiday so I'm gonna start buying all these bits and pieces xx

  • Chloe H.

    saw these they r fab haha xxx

  • Ele J.

    I'm going to go and have a look!! xx

  • Chloe R.

    They normally have stuff like this in home bargains too so I'll keep an eye out when I go in there! Get discount aswell see:grin::joy: xxxx

  • Irene M.

    Very nice, shall we get some?

  • Sophie U.

    Yea an bags an slippers xxxxx

  • Navada R.

    We neee to be getting these :smiley:

  • Rosie C.

    I saw these haha !! Love them xx

  • Claire B.

    I've had my eye on these for a while :two_hearts: poor Dylan will have no money by the time I've finished haha xxx

  • Emma H.

    Already brought the white one lol x

  • Lynsey M.

    Ohh we will need to get these :grin:

  • Claire B.

    Oh wow I love these. So going to have a look. Thanks honey xxxx

  • Gemma K.

    Ive got the bride to be knickers haha x

  • Dionne R.

    Will have a look in Asda x

  • Alex T.

    Just looked they are quite cute I might order a set x

  • Emily B.

    Woop! Pjs for hen do pjs for wedding! Lol xx

  • Ellie M.

    Ooooh I love :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Lisa L.

    I'll check out the ones round our way x

  • Brooke E.

    Yayyyyyy we deffo need tops made :joy::joy::joy:

  • Jo T.

    Now these are cute!! :heart_eyes:

  • Daniiee W.

    Wow they are good aren't they :relaxed::relaxed: x x z

  • Emma B.

    Cute. I've sorted something though for us. :kissing_heart: x

  • Lou C.

    thanks these are fab xxxx

  • Natasha N.

    Ohhh thank you there so cute :ok_hand_tone1: xxx

  • Justine K.

    Great I'm getting some xx

  • Sonia P.

    I have been thinking of these I love them :)

  • Kirsti C.

    Ow asda amazing there super cute x

  • Becki D.

    They're ace aren't they xx

  • Pamela D.

    Need these :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: xx

  • Heather D.

    There's a range of stuff in b n m too xxx

  • Hayleigh K.

    I know!!! Asda... we need to get them xzx

  • Tracey S.

    Oh yeah I love them! Might check out Asda Tomorrow xxx

  • Lyndsay O.

    Home bargains have similar ones slippers also x

  • Sarah W.

    :grin::grin::grin: thank you xx

  • Nikki B.

    We have to get these :heart_eyes: lol x

  • Claire C.

    Cool must look onto it :thumbsup::smile:

  • Zoe W.

    I think these are a good idea

  • Angela R.

    Omg they are too cute;;;;;;

  • Kaytee R.

    Getting them hehe I'll wear them until the day haha

  • Danielle J.

    Thank you! My sister tagged me in this earlier, great minds! Xx

  • Cassie L.

    Hell yes I think I may have to get these for the morning of the day lol

  • Vicky S.

    And one should say maid of honour lol x

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