Single Rainbow Roses Now Available @ Tesco

Single Rainbow Roses

These are sooo cool. Forget the traditional gift of a Red Rose for Valentine's Day. Tesco are now selling Rainbow Roses and they are seriously cool. Unfortunately, the can only be bought singularly and not as a bunch, but they are priced at a very reasonable £2.50 each.

These Rainbow Roses, have a long stem and have multicoloured petals. They are definitely the flower of choice for those of you that love the Unicorn Trend.

If you are slightly more traditional then you'll love the Single Red Glitter Roses that are also available at £2.50 each. These are regular Long Stem Red Roses but each petal is lined with glitter. Soooo pretty!

Tesco also sell the Luxury Long Stem Rose for £3 and a normal Red Rose for £2.

All of these products are available in store, whilst stock last.

Not got time to shop down your local Tesco? You can order Valentine's Day Flowers from Tesco here*.

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  • Shannon C.

    theses are lush :joy::joy:x

  • Lizzee A.

    These are beautiful:heartpulse::blue_heart::rainbow:

  • Holli S.

    pfffffff every one likes flowers :bouquet: xxxxxxxxx

  • Natalie R.

    I've already spied them don't you worry :joy:

  • Emma J.

    Thank u I best try there x

  • Julie D.

    These are absolutely beautiful! xx

  • Tenicia W.

    They was so nice but loving the rainbow Lilly’s this year :heart_eyes: x

  • Jen H.

    Saw Sainsbury's were doing them too....don't know if that helps! X

  • Jessica L.

    Omg this is them :two_hearts::two_hearts:

  • Amy W.

    It’s all about rainbow lilies :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Hayley W.

    Annoying it wasn’t last week xxx

  • Victoria S.

    you can get them in tesco?!?! I've tried to dye roses like this so many times and just cant do it!!!

  • Jane A.

    At that price I don't think I like them as much lol xx

  • Bernice H.

    I didn’t see the price xx

  • Bernice H.

    Haha at a very reasonable price, not really though lol that bunch in the pic costs £30. X

  • Gabby F.

    I’ve seen these!! Really want to try to get Matilda one :rainbow::heart: didn’t realise they had glitter roses too :rose::sparkles::yellow_heart: xx

  • Siobhán O.

    I seen them on fb last night ye know they look class I've never seen them

  • Lisa K.

    They're beautiful in real life

  • Marie B.

    OMG I :heart: these :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: x

  • Chris M.

    Can't seem to find them on the site

  • Tom L.

    There nice ain't they. Xxx

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