Beard Buddy £2.99 (Was £11.99) @ Argos

Beard Buddy £2.99

Valentine's Day isn't too far away, so here's a present that's both useful and thoughtful. If your sick of having a sink full of Beard Clippings and blocked drains from it, then you need to get that man in your life a Beard Buddy. Argos have slashed the price of it from £11.99 to just £2.99. Next are selling them for £8 each.

The Beard Buddy includes a shaving apron, two suction pads and a travel bag.

It's such a clever idea... basically, it's an apron that suckers onto the bathroom mirror to create a surface that catches all that unwanted hair.

You can Reserve and Collect the Beard Buddy for FREE or pay £3.95 for Home

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  • Jamie B.

    this is a must buy :grin::grin::grin:

  • Paddy I.

    No i clean up after myself xx

  • Chel B.

    Would be pointless for me cuz hed just unstick it from the mirror and let it drop in the sink anyway

  • Nicholas C.

    He's gonna love that lmao

  • Stevi F.

    I’ve thought about this for a long time!:joy::joy:

  • Claire S.

    Waste of money! Bought my husband one and still makes a mess! :joy:

  • Leanne M.

    I have seen these before in desperate need :joy::joy:

  • Nick A.

    I got one of groupon for a couple of quid, they are good!

  • Angela M.

    I got him one for Christmas lol x

  • David N.

    Yeah it’s a nice mirror :wink:

  • DarrenakaDazzy M.

    OI, I Always clean up after Myself!!!!:angry::angry:

  • Andy B.

    That parcel that I got this morning, this is what it was :joy: xx

  • Laura

    Hahaha that's so cool!! Xx

  • Fiona M.

    Pah ha ha I’m getting one!! X

  • Kelly M.

    I got Nathan one of these for Christmas he still manages to get hair everywhere trying to get rid of the hair :joy:

  • Luke D.

    Rach got me one of these couple of years back! It's never been used :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Emma M.

    Id love one of these for ryan!! Although i feel as it comes off the mirror it would fall everywhere :joy::joy:

  • Nick D.

    Don’t need it the sink catches most of it!

  • Lauren S.

    My hubby just puts a big bit of tin foil in the sink haha

  • Helen W.

    this could be the best 2.99 ill ever spend.. :joy:

  • Jamie R.

    Good idea that is ini haha x

  • Mark R.

    Ordered one at the weekend lol

  • Claire V.

    Best thing I’ve ever bought for the hubster!!

  • Paula H.

    Genius!! Alex needs that too!

  • David M.

    :joy::joy: defo need this :ok_hand:

  • Philip B.

    I can only think of 847 things i want more...

  • Sarah B.

    I'd get one if I thought it would stop him trimming his beard and leaving the hair on my fireplace!

  • Alan P.

    I clean up after me sel. Usually xxx

  • Jennifer D.

    Sticking it to the tiles would work too :rolling_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: x

  • Gavin M.

    Aw yeah so I can shave in the house again.

  • Will P.

    Nah, prefer getting it all over the sink and taps

  • Ronan M.

    Well this is definitely on my Xmas list for this year

  • Ashlee R.

    I bought George one for Christmas lol

  • Shane M.

    Good idea. Would stop the bollockings I’m getting at the minute:innocent::innocent:

  • Sam B.

    I bought Chris a philips beard trimmer with vacuum for xmas... No more mess :-)) x

  • Carley R.

    :joy: i still have to put up woth hair everywhere x

  • Chris W.

    yes!! would be perfect!! x

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