You Can Now Buy Unicorn Teapots @ Firebox!

You Can Now Buy Unicorn Teapots @ Firebox!

Put down your Unicorn Mug and listen to this... You brew is about to get a whole lot better, as you can now buy a Unicorn Teapot!

Whether you're a builders brew or Earl Grey type of gal, you can now get your tea prepared in a magical unicorn teapot, and pour it from a golden unicorn horn. It's being added to a thousand wish lists as we speak...

This white teapot has a cute kitsch kawaii design, with a rainbow mane for a handle, and a golden horn for a spout.

It doesn't come cheap at £29.99 from Firebox, but this is going to sell out even with that price tag. And besides, how can you put a price tag on having a unicorn themed afternoon tea?

Drop a heavy hint for this one from your nearest and dearest, I know I will be. Go on, you deserve it. Enjoy your brewnicorn.


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  • Tracey M.

    please please please can this be my first teapot!!!!!!!!!

    • Ciara H.

      Of course!!!!

    • Sarah M.

      I don't drink tea but OMG x

      • Amanda W.

        OMG I need it. .:kissing_heart: x

      • Tracey H.

        Omg i so need this :heart_eyes: xx

        • Libby R.

          Holy pickled socks!! Tea pots are my second obsession!!!! Xx

          • Dana M.

            Omg :heart_eyes::purple_heart::unicorn::earth_asia: lol xx

            • Martin S.

              Seen it! It's so cute :heart_eyes:

              • Kellyanne A.

                Awk my god that's the cutest thing ever :heart::heart::heart::heart:

                • Dana M.

                  We could put wine in that ?!? LMAO