Unicorn Single Duvet Set £9 @ Tesco Direct

Unicorn Single Duvet Set £9 @ Tesco Direct

Is it wrong that I want this duvet for myself? I am just hoping they will bring out a king size! This Unicorn Single Duvet set is a-mazing! And believe it or not it's just £9!

This is perfect for any little unicorn fan, you can get your hands on one from over at Tesco Direct. It would look so pretty in a little girl's bedroom!

On the front of the pillow and duvet cover it says 'I'm Always A Princess, Yesterday I Was A Mermaid, Today I'm A Fairy and Tomorrow I Will Be Flying With Unicorns'! How sweet is that?

It is made from a soft polycotton fabric, which makes for a comfortable nights sleep. It is supplied with a matching pillowcase, and is machine washable for cleaning convenience Plus due to the fabric it requires little or no ironing, bonus!

You can Click and Collect your Unicorn Bedding for FREE from your local Tesco store or have it delivered to your home for £3.


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  • Claire O.

    I want this bedding :joy:

    • Danielle S.

      Me aswell :joy::joy:

    • Kiki N.

      They don't do a king size one :sob::sob::sob::sob::balloon:

      • Sarah-Louise K.

        Id put that on my own bed lol!

        • Faye E.

          Wonder if they have accessories we need unicorn bunting!

          • Zoe C.

            Sorry for all the unicorn tags :joy:

            • Sarah O.

              Ha no problem! Except your making me broke! Lol x

              • Alana F.

                Saw it earlier!! On the case!! Xx

                • Jenna M.

                  You should see the three pairs of unicorn socks I HAD to buy on Thurs in top shop :joy::joy::unicorn::unicorn::unicorn: xxx

                  • Kerriann L.

                    Will.I get these for our bed :joy::joy:

                    • Tanya A.

                      Gutted they only do single! I would so have this for myself. Can't buy it for the kids they are both boys so are not princesses :neutral_face:

                      • Vicki S.

                        Do they do it in superking??? :grinning:

                        • Becci S.

                          Know a certain someone who'd love this xx

                          • Becci S.

                            Wonder if they do it in king size ?? :smile::smile::smile:

                            • Aimee G.

                              :open_mouth: I need this...not the girls :joy: xx

                              • Danielle B.

                                Omg they need to stop with all these lush bedding hahaha

                                • Katie C.

                                  Wow I need This for myself xxx

                                  • Lauren M.

                                    That's a lush one thanks :heart_eyes: xx

                                    • Lou W.

                                      I want this in king size :joy::joy:

                                      • Cathy W.

                                        I can't see Dan sleeping under that ...:joy::joy:

                                        • Lou W.

                                          He won't notice lol !! Xx

                                        • Katie T.

                                          Love this :heart: got it for my daughters easter present :blush:

                                          • Carla C.

                                            Awww this is lovely she will love it xx