Unicorn Pool Float £22.40 (Using Code) @ Boohoo

Unicorn Pool Float £22.40 (Using Code) @ Boohoo

If you're heading away on holiday this Summer then this Unicorn Pool Float is an absolute holiday essential! I will be packing one of these straight into my suitcase for my holidays!

This fab pool float is in the shape and design of everyone's favourite mythical creature, a unicorn! It's a fab buy as it can be yours for just £22.40 from Boohoo!

It normally retails for £28, which to be honest is still a bargain as I have seen these retail for up to £50 elsewhere! However if you enter the code GIMME20 at the checkout then your order will be deducted by 20%!

This offer is for a limited time only so don't hang around if you want to order. This Unicorn Pool Float is perfect for lazy days spent by the pool on holiday or for at the beach in the Summer!

Don't forget to add your Unicorn Inflatable Drinks Holder to match!

Boohoo tend to have special offers on their home delivery prices. You can find discount codes for reduced or free delivery on the Boohoo website at different times of the day.


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  • Clare J.

    this is more you than the flamingo one :joy:

    • Samantha C.

      I need this!!!

      • Samantha C.

        I definitely wouldn't be able to get that in my hand luggage :joy:

        • Clare J.

          you do know that you have to blow it up when you get there so it should fit :thinking:

          • Samantha C.

            Hahaha oh thanks for that information I have no idea :joy:

          • Beth P.

            Can see myself with that :information_desk_person_tone1::joy::joy: xxx

            • Carla M.

              cud just see u and lounging about in these on ur hols hehe

              • Niki H.

                There's nice ones I'm Primark but can't get one till were out there cuz it will weigh too much :persevere::persevere:

                • Carla M.

                  Yea I know the drill lol. Heard enuf from ur Bro last year when I was totally thoughtless and bought her a beach towel..... I know like ..... how dare I!?!?! Lmao

                  • Niki H.

                    Omg that's the worst thing I've ever heard! How could you be soo careless? :joy:

                    • Carla M.

                      I know rite???? So this year I'm gunna let him do all the holiday buying :joy::joy::joy: he just doesn't know it yet :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

                      • Niki H.

                        Right you are too! God forbid you buy her too much lol

                      • Lisa D.

                        Want one!! Think the kids would steal it xx

                        • Tammy H.

                          this would be ace for grace x

                          • Tammy H.

                            She needs the flamingo tho x

                            • Tammy H.

                              Haha dick head me I thought it was haha I didn't look probley :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: x

                            • Becky Y.

                              . You could look like this at southbourne :joy::joy:

                              • Amanda J.

                                Like the unicorn :unicorn:!

                              • Laura C.

                                OMG! It's the enormous unicorn!:unicorn::laughing:love it x

                                • Francesca B.

                                  :flushed::flushed: I need this in my life

                                  • Samantha F.

                                    Iv got a unicorn one from primark £10 and couldn't resist to get the flamingo too for £10 can't wait for my holiday now x

                                    • Chloe R.

                                      Ahh this makes me want to go abroad even more lol :joy::triumph: xx