Una The Unicorn Trunki Ride-On Suitcase Now £33.99

Una The Unicorn Trunki Ride-On Suitcase Now £33.99

Remember when we told you about the amazing Una The Unicorn Trunki Ride-On Suitcase? It was selling out all over the place when it was launched earlier this year, but now there's more stocks available, and the price has dropped! It's now £33.99, down from £39.99 and it's in stock at both Boots and Argos.

This is a bright blue Trunki Ride-On Suitcase for children, with wheels, a parent handle, and plenty of storage inside. This one is a unicorn theme, complete with a silky rainbow coloured tail, and a glittery horn. You also get a set of stickers to match the colour scheme so that children can decorate Una exactly how they wish.

The price seems to have been set by Trunki themselves, as all major retailers have dropped the price down to £33.99 at the same time, so the issue is finding them in stock as they get snapped up.

Whilst Boots and Argos have plenty right now, both Very* and Kiddicare* have none in stock at the moment.

Both Boots and Argos offer free click and collect, and home delivery charges are £3.95 at Argos or £3.50 at Boots.


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  • Lauren H.

    for Ava when we go to America. Xx

    • Clare C.

      this would be great for Keira x

      • Kelly M.

        She would love this x

        • Clare C.

          I know it's proper girlie they hold loads aswell x

        • Vickey J.

          I have a feeling Sophie may like this..

          • Leanne D.

            I need a few of these :heart_eyes::sparkling_heart::unicorn:

            • Aaron D.

              They are ace babe :grinning::grinning:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

            • Susan M.

              I love this but she's getting too big for the trunki that she's already got :sob:

              • Toni M.

                I got my little girl this today, it's so cool :unicorn: although she's changed its name to Stephanie :joy::joy:

                • Leeanne E.

                  :scream: Auria's hand luggage for holiday this year sorted! X

                  • Rachel G.

                    Think I'd like this more than she would :joy::unicorn:

                    • Ashleigh C.

                      :heart_eyes: I love this one but she has changed her mind now and said she wants the ladybird :( xxxx

                      • Kristi T.

                        Oh my word I NEED this :unicorn::heart_eyes: xoxo

                        • Heather T.

                          I saw this yesterday :sob: I can't :unicorn: stop tempting me!! Xx

                          • Linsey B.

                            Anyone know of these are ok for hand luggage? TIA

                            • Sammi R.

                              I've got two of these :joy:

                              • Sarah H.

                                I've just seen this I love it xxx

                                • Zoe V.

                                  Buying it now LOL eeeeekkkk :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

                                  • Kay N.

                                    I know it amazing Carlie would absolutely love this for out hols this year. X