Polar Gear Unicorn/ Rainbow Sequin Swipe Lunch Bag £7 @ Asda George

Polar Gear Unicorn/ Rainbow Sequin Swipe Lunch Bag £7 @ Asda George

My daughter has just switched from cooked school meals to a packed lunch and so we have been on the look out for a new lunch box for her. She was adamant she wanted a unicorn lunch box and was over the moon when we spotted this Polar Gear Unicorn Sequin Lunch Bag at Asda George!

What's so fab about this lunch box is the swipe sequins. You brush the sequins one way to reveal a magical unicorn, brush them the other way and a bright rainbow appears! It's pretty much 2 designs in 1!

The lunch bag is insulated to help keep your little one's lunch cool and fresh for longer. It has a carry handle on the top and a zip closure. The inside is completely wipeable with a food safe PVC free lining for easy cleaning.

This fab lunch bag is just £7 from Asda George, it is new in but I have a feeling it will sell pretty fast.

Home delivery is £2.95 or you can Click and Collect from an Asda store for FREE.


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  • Emma J.

    Hey, looks like I need a lunch bag I'll literally never use for lunches,

    • Dawn J.

      I need this for college!!

      • Natalie A.

        :scream: I love it! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

        • Fiona H.

          Oh dear Lord!!! :astonished:

          • Dawn J.

            I'll let you all hold it dont worry :ok_hand::heart::joy:

            • Fiona H.

              Wow, really, I'm honoured :joy:

              • Dawn J.


              • Julie L.

                I'm getting this for Aria! X

                • Lindsey J.

                  want one for your cheese

                  • Cheryl S.

                    Eh aye!! X

                    • Lindsey J.

                      Bloody out of stock!! I will stalk till I find one

                    • Clare H.

                      I know two girls who would love these x ha x

                      • Karen R.

                        Awwwh lily already has one... maybe i might need one myself though... :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

                        • Emma G.

                          Oh no lol best not show livia lol x

                          • Kate S.

                            Ahhh I saw this might have to get one! :revolving_hearts: xx

                            • Patricia M.

                              I think from this there in asda george

                              • Rebecca B.

                                Wonder who would love that lol

                                • Michelle H.

                                  Kelly this would be Daisys dream much box! Should I get it ready for school next year!? :joy: xx

                                  • Cathy T.

                                    I really love that :unicorn::rainbow::heart: xxx

                                    • Cheryl P.

                                      :smiley::smiley: trip to Asda then

                                      • Pamela G.

                                        Be fine for Sienna but Harri would be jeleous xx

                                        • Becky M.

                                          Oh my! The girls will love that won’t they? Xx

                                          • Becky M.

                                            Girls next lunch box lol xx

                                            • Tammy B.

                                              Can I have it for work?!?

                                              • Kate J.

                                                Yes they would love this! Lol x