Kid Connection Blue Laying Unicorn £30 @ Asda George

Kid Connection Blue Laying Unicorn £30

Looking for a knockout gift for your little unicorn fan? Take a look at this giant Kid Connection Blue Laying Unicorn! It enormous, and it's only £30 at Asda George online!

This is a super sized and super soft cuddle unicorn plush toy that is a massive 122cm long! It has soft white fur with blue detailing on it's mane, tail, hooves and face, with a soft and shiny horn on it's head.

There was a pink version of this toy for sale at Asda* too but it sold out very fast, so this new blue version could sell out quickly too!

There's no click and collect option for this toy (probably due to it's size), but home delivery only costs £2.95.

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  • Laura P.

    . I’m afraid there’s just too much temptation. Alice needs a unicorn this big... x

  • Sally M.


  • Hannah G.

    I think I would need a second house to fit it in! xx

  • Anna W.

    Oh my Malakai would love it!

  • Rachel S.

    Oh!!!! We saw a massive one yesterday in Hamleys :heartpulse::unicorn: xx

  • Sophie P.

    If only it was pink and I had £30 to throw away on a huge stuffed unicorn :heart_eyes::joy: x

  • Becky M.

    Think about this logically... It's a huge pillow... We all need pillows... Technically could be classed as an essential... You would use it every day... You would get your money's worth... Just think about it :joy: xx

  • Kim A.

    that thing would need its own room :joy:

  • Sara-Jayne W.

    Noah would probably want it lmao :joy::joy:

  • Adele W.

    Bless him,it looks bigger than him :joy::joy:

  • Beth K.

    Aww that’s cute!!!! :heart_eyes:

  • Sarah-Jayne B.

    Oh my!! :heart_eyes::scream::ok_hand_tone1::unicorn::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

  • Jake C.

    Aaliyah would love that :joy::joy:

  • Hannah M.

    Santa is on a budget :joy:

  • Laura C.

    Ah a brother for pink unicorn! NEED

  • Yvonne L.

    Emily would love this n Eliza would just want to sit on it.:joy:

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