Dog's Unicorn Fancy Dress Costume Now Available @ B&M

Dog's Unicorn Fancy Dress Costume Now Available @ B&M

If you think you have seen everything to do with unicorns then think again! Believe it or not you can now get your hands on a Unicorn Fancy Dress Costume.... for your dog!!

Yes that's right, your pooch can dress up as a unicorn too! I don't care what my husband says, I am buying one of these for our dog!

Your four-legged friend will love dressing up in their very own unicorn costume, complete with sparkly wings, gold horn and multi-coloured tail.

You can get your hands on one of these adorable doggy costumes from over at B&M for just £5.99. As you may or may not know, B&M don't have a shop online so you will need to look in store to pick up one of these costumes.

They are available in sizes Small, Medium and Large.

Don't worry if unicorns aren't your thing there's also a Dinosaur Costume* and a Panda* to choose from too! Plus many more, I love this Superhero Dog Costume*!


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  • Jo L.

    Your pups need this :heart_eyes:

    • Robyne T.

      Oh my god, this is actually amazing! :heart_eyes::unicorn::sparkling_heart:

      • Laurie G.

        Omg :heart: I could top this !

        • Becki H.

          Rocky would make a lovely unicorn

          • Meg H.

            :joy: he would! Bobby told me he likes it when Rocky's happy last night #lovehate

          • Chloe S.

            wonder if they do gunners size

            • Emma J.

              Ooo I can see rocks in this :see_no_evil::joy:

              • Mary B.

                Awwh I just need a wee pug

                • David M.

                  Will have to look for that tomorrow

                  • Ashley L.

                    :joy::joy: seen this earlier! Demmi wants to get Benji a costume lol x

                    • Deborah S.

                      Aw..... I'm getting this for Willows xmas :joy: