Wagg Dog Treats Freebie

24 February 2011


The folks over at Waggfoods.co.uk have sent us out some freebies for your PlayPennies pets! We've got 14 bags of their Wagg dog treats to give to PlayPennies parents. These are full size bags of between 125g - 150g. UPDATE - actually, it's lots of varieties to give away, not just the sensitive treats. There are low fat treats, tasty chunks, and a few others, so it will be just randomly decided as to which one you get.

So if you have a dog and would like one of these free Wagg dog treats, just leave a comment below. Just make sure you leave you email address in the appropriate field so that I can get in touch with you. I will use Random.org to choose 14 winners from the comments below. Or, if there are only 14 comments, then you can all have a free bag of dog treats!

I'll set a closing date of the 3rd of March 2011 by which to leave your comment, and I will be contacting PlayPennies parents after that date.

*** Now closed - freebie winners have been contacted ***

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  • James M.
    My two Westies would love these!
  • Kirsten P.
    My mad Spanador would love to get her paws on a bag of these treats!
  • AK T.
    Our Sharpei would love one of these!
  • katrina b.
    my springer loves her treats and would give a huge slobbery lick for a bag :) lol
  • Vicky
    Aww my Bichon would love a biccie
  • Jeanette
    Proud Grandmother of a border terrier called Stanley - love filling my cupboards with treats for when I dogsit. Would love to treat him with these and see his little tail wag x
  • nigel t.
    judi loves these
  • Sassy165
    My two Jack Russell's would love these treats when we are doing our agility training.
  • JAMES H.
    my 3 lovlies would love to try,i asked them!
  • Kelly D.
    Our Staffy would love some treats, Tess would share them with my Mom's Dobe, Kane and my sister's Staffy Cody. Thanks for the comp x
  • Caroline A.
    My Springers (Tess and Jerry) would definitely start doing their 'synchronised wagging' routine for these! They love treats.
  • Rachel
    I would love to take a bag to my local dog rescue centre, they would love this!
  • michael g.
    my dog Marley will love these, lol if the cat lets here.
    oh nice treats for my doggies
  • Rhonda
    I would love to win a bag of these for my dog.
  • Gemma
    My Westie and Yorkie would love a bag of delicious doggy treats :)
  • Sanny B.
    We have just adopted my brothers Staffy, Sasha she loves treats!!!
  • Jennifer T.
    our english bull terrier would love me forever :-)
  • emma p.
    hi my names kody the white shepherd,and i can't get enough of treats.please could you send my owner some more.yummmmm x
  • Rhydian
    My Chi would love these
    my 3 legged little champion would really enjoy this.
  • Bruce D.
    I`ve got a Tibetan Terrier that would love these.
  • lisa
    even saffy our bichon the smallest member of the family deserves a treat!
  • hannah
    Ive got a beautiful chocolate lab that would devour these in seconds, but equally enjoy every mouthful!
  • craig w.
    my two boys samson and achilles love these too!
  • Rebecca
    My puppy Stan would love to have a chew on these treats!
  • MDJ
    yummy yummy,my dog would love these :)
  • andrew
    my king charles would love to try out your tasty treat x
  • sue m.
    Please enter me .Would love to win
  • Zoe G.
    My doggy and my mums dog would like to share these treats
  • Janet P.
    My Barney would love this :) xx
  • tom
    My golden retriever would very much enjoy these!
  • stephen d.
    Sparkie and Kiera would love these , and i bet they smell better than pigs ears ( yuck )
  • Gemma H.
    please enter me. x
  • Stephen
    My Border Terriers would go 'howling' mad for these xxx
  • mandy t.
    Would love to win some treats for my friends husky...
  • Daze
    My doggies would love your treat it would stop them chewing on my feet
  • Elaine H.
    Jackie Russell says Ruff please
  • Karen
    My playful Westie Bertie loves Wagg treats so to win some for him would be absolutely amazing.
  • Nicola
    would love to win these for my Three Jack Russells! i'm sure it would keep them quiet for a while.
  • Marc j.
    stuff the dog, i want these!!
  • Christina C.
    My dog would love these!!
  • Annelien M.
    Our lovely pup Mayor would love these! And he's had an upset tummy for a while now.
  • catherine M.
    Fred and Barney love treats,they are two old boys who appreciate the finer things in life!
  • tracey
    my little boxer puppy would love to try these
  • Kath
    A cute lazy Westie named Rosie in front of the fire nice and cozy one sight of a bag of her favourite Wagg and she forgets all about being dozy!!
  • Georgina B.
    It's nice to see more sensitive treats on the market as there's such a limited selection.
  • Brian Z.
    My lil doggie would be happy to get some food in the mail.
  • Tracy N.
    I have a black labrador named, Prince - he is 18th months old and FULL of energy - he he enjoys a long walk along the Whitley bay beach every day and looks forward to a treat a the end - I think he'd love a Wagg treat to look forward too!
  • Helen B.
    My sheltie would love these.
  • Pete A.
    I have a ten week old German Pointer who would quite literally nibble my hand off for these :)
  • Sarah
    My 9 month old Cocker Spaniel, Merlin almost Wagg's his tail of for these :o)
  • Gurminder
    Cant beat a freebie :D
  • Kelly K.
    Im sure Angus would love these!
  • Emma B.
    would love to win this prize - we are getting a dog soon
  • Phil D.
    Our Dog Wally, a Border Terrier, is always hungry - he'd love these
  • Cat G.
    My Wolf Dogs will happily give these a nice warm place to stay :/
  • Lesley S.
    My dog loves these.!
  • MARK
    my dog is dribbling already. please let him win
  • Crystal
    Awww I'd love to win some Wagg treats for my mutt !!
  • David
    My dog is always ready for treats, she would love some of these!
  • Dawn
    These are the only treats my dog will eat!
  • Julie B.
    My dog loves treats
  • Kateryna B.
    My little Westie Harvey would love some treats.
  • Tracey W.
    Fudge would be wagging his tail like crazy for some of these delicious treats
  • Jane
    My pup Loki will happily take care of some treats for you :D
  • shane w.
    our lucy would love this
  • Miss W.
    my dog diesel would love this.
  • Svetlana
    Billy loves treats, never tried Wagg dogs food, so will be a great chance to se if he loves it.
  • lesley
    Didn't know wagg made dog treats good to know I'm sure lily would love to try them
  • ImmortalBeloved
    My 13 year old dog loves Wagg dry dog food and treats already, can I still enter to get a freebie?
  • a s.
    our molly collie loves her wagg food!
  • Linda O.
    Scooby's ears have pricked up , when he heard me mention doggy treats...
  • Denice
    My two Jack Russells just love these treats and soooooo deserve them for being good :)
  • simone l.
  • Tracy H.
    please count me in , my doggie would love to win :)
  • Dee
    Our elderly spaniel would love these as she can't have the treats our other dog has so would love to have some to herself for a change!
  • Jacqueline F.
    My two little barkers would love to share a bag of these. Yes Please!!
  • collette
    my dog gypsy has one treat at night,gives her paws and gets tucked in.would love these.
  • alison s.
    I’d love to win some Wagg treats My two would love these
  • gemma h.
    we have 5 border collies who would certainly love to try these!
  • kerry
    my border collie rocky loves these treats.
  • Karen
    Our two dogs both love these treats!!
  • Kerry D.
    My dog, Wagg, would love a free bag...
  • melanie
    Would love to give these a try as we have a very fussy spaniel who wont eat much!!!!!!!!
  • Victoria B.
    Please enter me in the draw. My parents' dog Buddy would love these!
  • Sarah W.
    My three border terriers love Wagg!
  • nichola j.
    I have 2 collies that would love this.x
  • ANNE T.
  • Sam
    My nine year old beardie Jack would love this, paws crossed!
  • rebecca D.
    my boxer puppy Lolly Lou would love these and would be great for training :)
  • Sue B.
    My Rhodesian Ridgeback Scooby would love to win, he would wagg his tail off :)
  • Tamara P.
    My staffi would love these treats I would be her best friend all year.
  • alison w.
    Please dont forget my doggies ive got 3 but they will all share x
  • Milly
    Everybody loves a freebie! Add me to your draw! Thank you! x
  • Pamela G.
    This would be really useful
  • Maddy
    Our daughter's rather manic mongrel would appreciate some of these!
  • Claire R.
    Our 20 month old Lab Alfie would love these...since he eats everthing!
  • Danielle T.
    Count me in - the pooch will be happy :)
  • Karl T.
    My dawg Jake would love these!
  • Zoe
    Aww this is so kind! My cockapoo would love this :D
  • Lizzie B.
    My lab pup has just had the snip so needs cheering up! His tail has never stopped wagging though, bless him!
  • Trev H.
    I have a very active jack russell called ruby and she love's Wagg sensitive dog treats.
  • Cody B.
    Hi we are a German Shepherd and a lurcher cross, who just love treats. We live with our mummy and daddy and our baby brother who is 22 months old, who loves to sit on us, and drag us round by our collars. But we are very good and never get cross with him, so we think we deserve some Wagg dog treats(and so does mummy)
  • jo o.
    i have a fussy dog so would love to try your dog food only the best for my baby
  • JULIE P.
  • Maria R.
    I have a huge Malamute and a little pug cross and they both get fed on Wagg and are the healthiest and happiest dogs in town! They asked me to enter!
  • Andrea T.
    My little Ernest loves his Waggs - you can see it in his tail :-)
  • Maureen A.
    have a Jack Russell (Suzie) who s very fussy re her food but she loves wagg treats
  • katrina w.
    Little Mister Sweep would love to get these in his treat box!
  • Beth W.
    I have 2 rescue dogs and a foster dog from the rescue staying with me - they love treats and it would help with my foster dog's training!
  • Frances H.
    I have a 4 month old pup who would love these when (if!) he's being good.
  • Suzanne s.
    My german sheherd would love these
  • Jennifer S.
    I am a german shepherd/rottweiler cross called Sadie. I am a big girl and have a very healthy appetite, but I also have a delicate tummy, so I would love to win some Wagg sensitive dog treats!
  • Cassie b.
    My dog would love these :) I have lab cross! x
  • Ellie
    My two hounds would love to snaffle some of these up :)
  • Shaz
    My two mad dogs would love these .
  • Georgina D.
    My Rottweiler would love to try these
  • Rory C.
    These wouldn't touch the sides with my lab Ripple, she'd still enjoy them though...
  • Zena
    I have a German Shepherd - a blonde one in more ways than one! He loves Wagg treats though and I would love to surprise him with these treats.
  • jill t.
    my boxer boycie would love your treets
  • Margaret
    my shitzu loves wagg treats
  • Sue H.
    My Boxer, Cooper, would love to try these :)
  • Joanna K.
    I have two gorgeous dogs here who would love to win some treats!! xx
  • Kimberley H.
    My four doggies would love these.
  • ann w.
    My mums labrador Wesley would love a bag of these treats and my son would love feeding them to him!!
  • Daphne
    I know a very lively dalmatian who would love these
  • samantha h.
    I know some rescue dogs that would love theses .Great competition thank you.
  • Paul W.
    My daughters would love feeding these to our OAP GSD x Whippet
  • laura s.
    My dog Orion, would find these amazing, and eat every single one
  • CR
    Fluffy would love some yummy food once in a while
  • Kerrie
    fingers crossed, lovely prize x
  • Sean
    enter me please!
  • Karen
    I don't have a dog of my own, reached that lovely stage in life where I can pack up and off I go! However I do miss not having a dog and dogmind for my family on a regular basis. Heather, Mouse and Blacky will love coming to "Auntie" Karen's if they know they will receive a Wagg Dog Treat! Thanks
  • Zara
    Please enter me :)
  • Claire D.
    my dog Carmel would love these treats
    Reggie my wonderful rescue dog would just love these. Fingers crossed x
  • Karen
    My name is Buster, a little Jack Russell cross I usually do what my mummy says, but really I'm the boss! I love cats and squirrels but nothing beats The yummy taste of Wagg dog treats
  • sarah a.
    This would be afabulous treat for my little freind Shug .
  • ryan d.
    my Shitzhu's would leave these, little buggers they are!
  • claire g.
    My Tilly would absolutely love these! Maybe with these she will actually give us the letters that fall through the letter box instead of shredding them!
  • lorraine b.
    I have a six year old very lively English Cocker Spaniel called Archie who would love to try some Wagg treats x
  • helen
    My springer spaniel loves Wagg so we hope to win some of these :-)
  • Julie C.
    These sound fab for my yorkies!
  • lyndsey
    Fingers crossed, they look lovely!
  • Rachel F.
    We have an 8 month old Douge De Bordeaux who is quite a handfull at the moment and eats lots, these treats would keep him happy for ages. xx
  • yvonne c.
    Would love to win a bag of these for my dog Sooty
  • Ruth W.
    Jack Worthington eats everything including my sofa !
  • vicky
    hi,my collie milo would love these-hes 9yrs old and has eaten just about any brand-but weve never come across these
  • Melissa l.
    I know two lovely rescue dogs that would love these!
  • sarah o.
    boris would love a treat :)
  • Lisa W.
    My dog Trixie would love these. She's a very good dog so deserves the odd treat! x
  • leanne l.
    Bruno would love these
  • Laura
    Ruby Duby would <3 these.
  • Lisa S.
    Please I would love to win as my new dog would be over the moon and have a waggy tale for these ! xx
  • Cathy M.
    My dogs would really appreciate one of these.
  • Elaine H.
    A very good friend of mine has a gorgeous working deaf labrador who would love these, so fingers crossed x
  • P P.
    I'm sure my dog would love these and me if I gave them to him.
  • Jackie W.
    My 6 year old Westie Basil enjoys Wagg Beef and Veg so will love the Wagg dog treats.
  • Gillian M.
    My dog, Boomer, loves treats.
  • Jennifer T.
    MY dog Buster is a big fan of Wag so he'd woof these treats!
  • amanda p.
    our Alan would love one of these hes a very naughty huge bullmastiff that could do with some training treats
  • Judith L.
    My Mollie will love these, I hope I am lucky enough to be able to give her a treat
  • jennie
    My old girl holly would like a try of these. she has a sensitive tummy since she was a pup so it would be good to find her a different treat than her usual limited selection.
  • Donna B.
    Penny loves Wagg treats & as she is a delicate little thing these would be perfect for her xx
  • ZOE S.
    My dog Jess would love this!!
  • sarah r.
    Cassie would think it's her birthday
  • r h.
    My rescue rottie Trinity loves wagg dog food and treats
  • Lorraine W.
    max would love some treats xx
  • katie s.
    My gorgeous collie Mikey would wolf these down, he loves his treats :)
  • lee
    Treats are cool
  • Claire B.
    My three would go crazy for these. I am a dedicated Wagg customer. Great prices and mine love the brand
  • Gemma T.
    Great prize I will get my Alie to cross her paws
  • Nicole
    My mothers dog would go nuts over these!
  • Sarah N.
    My two dogs, Bonny and Jack would fight over these!
  • Leanne p.
    my husband has two police dogs venom and sabe who could do with a treat after all the hard work they have put in lately, plus sabre has been unwell so could do with an extra pick me up xxx
  • Andrea K.
    please enter me
  • Lorraine F.
    My labrador Holly would love to win this x
  • Leanne
    My rottie, Dennis, is a fine example of the breed and has been remarkably tolerant of the changes to our household since our gorgeous new baby came home! :-) and therefore I think he deserves a treat! x

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