Track Santa with NORAD!

SantaHear ye! Hear ye! Santa has officially left the North Pole and is on his way to deliver all the presents to the boys and girls across the world. NORAD have been keeping tabs on Santa and his sleigh, following his heat signature across the North Pole towards Russia.

This is just stunning. You have to hand it to the Americans, they really do go all out for Christmas and sparking the imagination in children. This actually brought a few tears to my eyes as my daughter stared in astonishment at the visuals of Santa hurtling his way across the planet.

The tracker updates every so often, I’m not entirely sure how often, so you can check back on his progress throughout the day today. It’s magical, adorable and just plain fantastic. Navigate the map using your mouse or arrow keys and watch the video for a live movie update.Santa2

Even I’m getting excited about Santa’s imminent arrival in the U of K! I’m going to keep it running all day and do one last check with my daughter just before she goes to bed so that she knows he’s definitely coming. So much fun!

Thanks to Carley at HUKD!


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  • Gopher
    "U of K"? That doesn't make any sense. It's United Kingdom, not United of Kingdom.