Toddler Freebie: Free Timmy Time Posters!

Toddler Freebie: Free Timmy Time Posters!

timmy1Egmont Publishing are celebrating the launch of the Timmy Time books by giving away 10,000 Timmy Time posters that feature the furry, feathery and spiky characters from the hit TV show. They are adorable and, best of all, completely free.

You can also get exclusive Timmy Time books with Fairy – get the packs of Fairy Non-Bio and Fabric Softener and send in your till receipt as proof of purchase, along with a list of the books you want. This has nothing to do with the free poster – it’s an extra sort of freebie all on its own.

Right so, the poster deal is going to last only as long as it takes the 10,000 to run out so best you get retimmy2gistered and sorted as fast as possible so you can be assured of getting your free poster.

Personally I love this show, I watch it with as much glee as my daughter. Whoever wrote the series just knew that there would be a parent stuck in front of the TV somewhere and inserted some great humour just for us.

Enjoy your free poster!


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