Parents Freebie: Free Cards And Projects @ HP Studio

Parents Freebie: Free Cards And Projects @ HP Studio


While this may not be the most exciting freebie on the planet, it’s definitely a lovely one that will help keep the kids occupied over the Easter holidays. There is a lovely range of free crafts and activities plus downloads to print out at HP Creative Studio for Home.

So the kind of project you can expect ranges from designing your own Easter cards to creating Thank You Cards, Birthday Cards, and Martha Stewart related projects. You will have to do quite a bit of browsing on the site to see the different things available but it is well worth the trouble.

I am particularly impressed with the cute calendars you can create along with personal dates and images, as well as the photo frames that are truly easy to print out and make. The free Martha Stewart items include paper cut-out eggs, egg creatures, egg cosies, paper egg bunnies and plenty more. That is one creative lady!

Thanks to lucerysmum at HUKD!


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